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Top Master data management strategies for 2020

Now that you have made a compilation of all your master data, the next move is to work around a management plan. One that will help you leverage the pros of master data management in the administration of your e-commerce business.

In this wise, below are some master data management strategies that top the list and should get incorporated in your management plan.

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Master Data Management Strategy Roadmap

  • Draft out concise and unique taxonomy or metadata for each stored data.

Ensuring that the metadata for each data is unique to the data it got created for is very important. Once metadata is well-drafted, it makes searching easy. Hence, this strategy aims at aiding your search for data whenever needed. It is particularly useful for e-commerce companies who have not adopted the use of automated DAM tools in the management of their master data.

Using spreadsheets and other less technological Data management solutions is so much stress and work. It gets challenging to find intended search results with several loads of similar data all around. Thus, reduce the stressors with this strategy. This tip advocates for metadata to be specific and unique to each data to cut out the frustration of searching.

  • Use automatic approaches and divorce manual Master Data Management methods

This is 2020, desist from using ERPs and spreadsheets to collect, save, and analyze your Master data.

There is so much more that you can get from managing your Master data via automated systems, than you are now with your manual methods.

  • Save data on the Cloud

Whatever you do, always ensure that you save on the cloud. Do not rely on the provisions of hard disks or device storage systems. To prevent loss of data or illegal access, improve your security game with cloud storage.

  • Adopt an effective data cleansing system

Cleansing is essential and should be regular and accurate. You cannot run inadequate data cleansing and expect to have high-quality master data. So this means that once cleansing goes wrong, the purpose of data management can get defeated.

For all correction of errors, and enhancement of data. Check in with a trusted data cleaning service tool.

  • Run a performance analysis

Before starting, make sure to run a review on your e-commerce business, and understand your need for a Master Data Management system. There are a thousand and one different MDM systems, each having functional strengths in various features. So once you discover your need for an MDM system, it becomes easy to choose the right one.

A great choice of an MDM system is the first right step to getting it all right. Now, run through with the system, and have your business need as the intended goal during the management period. Have frequent performance analysis on the system to see how effective it has been in meeting the need for which it was intended. Weigh up the advantages of introducing the new system against its cost, and then it becomes easy to track the ROI on investing in the MDM system. With this, it becomes easy to convince your business stakeholders on the benefits of the system.

  • Invest in data governance systems

First and foremost, you must understand that the beauty of running any Master data management system is in the level of centralization that the system advocates. A highly centralized body of Master data means that only a few people are allowed to make corrections, effect changes and improve the data. What this does is that like in the quote, “too many cooks spoil the broth” it limits control to a few people in order to ensure the ‘single truth’ policy and cut out the errors that come with duplicated data.

With that said, your Master data management system should have an active data governance plan to optimize the availability, usability, security, and integrity of data.

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