Monday, April 15, 2024

Planning to invest in PIM, DAM and MDM? Do this first!

PIM or Product information management solutions are available in plethora. How are you deciding which PIM solution is better for you? Our experts have worked with PIM products since last 10 years and developed an RFP document for you.

The RFP contains 200 features from:

Product Information Management (PIM)
Digital Asset Management RFP (DAM)
Master Data Management RFP (MDM)

Avoid costly mistakes! Know your requirements first.

Accurately defining what you require is the most critical element for success of any technology project. Defining the problem also includes discovering the requirements. This PIM RFP document is developed keeping the end users in mind and will let you discover various aspects of a PIM solution. This is a free PIM RFP template and has not been sponsored by any vendor. The RFP covers features from Omnichannel, PIM, DAM (Digital Asset Management) and MDM (Master Data Management) Most other RFP available are either developed/ sponsored by the product companies.

Navigating through the maze of PIM

There is no standard definition of PIM. Some PIM solutions contains Digital Asset Management (DAM), e-commerce components, offline print capabilities, Customer Data Platform (CDP) functionalities. Sometime navigation through the complex maze of features is difficult, ecommercenext’s free PIM RFP will help you to untangle some of it.

Ecommerce Next’s PIM RFP is divided into the following sections:

Company Information



Total Cost of Ownership