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Greek startup Convert Group announces €1.2 million in the seed round of funding

Honeywell and CounterPath team to create Smart Talk, an all-in-one communication solution for mobile devices

Adobe has launched a series of integrations in the Magento commerce platform aimed to reach out to small and medium enterprises.  Adobe announced several

Amazon is getting head-on e-commerce competition from Walmart. The game is going to go stiffer and stiffer in the coming days. It is good

Shopback, a Singapore based e-commerce venture specializing in offering cashback has raised US $ 45 million in series B funding from EDBI and other

Voice commerce is growing fast. In a couple of years, voice commerce will become a new normal. More and more stores are introducing voice

The global e-commerce sales are increasing year on year. According to the latest data released by UNCTAD, the figure in 2017 stands at whopping $29