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ECommerce Sales grew by 13% ($29 trillion) in 2017

The global e-commerce sales are increasing year on year. According to the latest data released by UNCTAD, the figure in 2017 stands at whopping $29 trillions showing growth @ 13%. Correspondingly, the number of online buyers also increased by a similar percentage (12%) to 1.3 billion users worldwide. Essentially that means that 25% of the global population did the e-commerce transaction in 2017.


There is no prize to guess the top eCommerce countries. They are the US, Japan and China. Some other very interesting facts in the reports are:

  • B2B commerce continue to dominate the online transactions capturing 88% of total sales
  • The fastest growth happened in B2C sector increasing by 22% with sales reaching USD 2.3 trillion
  • China is #1 in terms of B2C transactions
  • Cross-border business-to-consumer (B2C) sales reached an estimated $412 billion, accounting for almost 11% of total B2C e-commerce ­­– a 4% hike on the previous year’s numbers.
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