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Best Dropshipping AliExpress Alternatives for Profit in 2024

Dropshipping has emerged as one of the most lucrative models in the e-commerce world. It allows small retailers to offer the same products as the big giants and thus have a fighting chance in this highly competitive market. In this sector, AliExpress has been a long-standing preference of most retailers – due to its efficient service and a huge variety of products offered. However, with time, many retailers are now looking for AliExpress alternatives in 2024 with better incentives. If you are one of them, we bring you the best Dropshipping AliExpress alternatives for profit in 2024.

What is Dropshipping?

Dropshipping is a retail model where the e-commerce company doesn’t stock up the items it is selling in its inventory. Unlike direct retail companies like Amazon, which almost always stock the items they sell in their warehouse, Dropshipping is largely between the customer and the manufacturer/wholesaler. The orders placed by the customers are fulfilled by the third-party, including delivery.

Dropshipping is a successful model for multiple reasons. To begin with, it doesn’t require a lot of capital to start. Since there is no need for a warehouse or a delivery system, it is relatively much cheaper than the direct retail model. Naturally, it is much more welcoming to small companies and startups than its bigger counterpart. Without the need for maintaining an inventory of items being sold, companies are free to offer a much larger variety of items. You can also scale up and scale down anytime you want, without much hassle. With so many benefits, it’s no wonder people are looking for best dropshipping alternatives.

At the core of AliExpress Dropshipping Center is a tool that allows you to identify successful items and assess their potential before adding them in your store. Remember, selecting the finest items for direct delivery is critical to company success.

How do you pick the right AliExpress alternative for you?

Before you go to pick the proper dropshipping alternative of AliExpress for you, then you need to consider some of the points. Here are the things that you must consider:

  • Look at the suppliers and the products

While picking an alternative, it is important to check if the suppliers on the platform are reliable or not. It is crucial to ensure that they come with good quality products. Also, it is important to see how engaging the suppliers are on the platform.

  • Check how to connect your dropshipping store

Most of the platforms come with integration along with Shopify. In case they do not come with the connecting option for Shopify, then you can use another application for the app. In case you do not use a Shopify account, make sure you can connect your store with the platform.

  • Look for a secure payment method

Most of the websites come with a third-party payment service. Look if the payment gateways are safe to use or not.

  • Check the costs

Some of the dropshipping platforms come with a monthly fee, while the others are free to use. If you are thinking of staying within a stipulated budget, then the free ones are going to be best. Also, look for the important features in the paid plans.

  • Consider the country you are going to target

As you go searching for a dropshipping alternative to AliExpress, make sure it is going to offer you the service in the locations you are targeting.

Best Dropshipping AliExpress Alternatives for Profit in 2024

AliExpress is undoubtedly the king when it comes to Dropshipping e-commerce companies. Its humongous range of products, along with impressive discounts, make it a very popular choice. However, AliExpress is not without its fault – one of it being a lower scope for profit for the sellers. If you are having similar grievances and are looking for AliExpress alternatives for small businesses, we have some great options for you. Here are the best dropshipping AliExpress alternatives for profit in 2024.

  1. BangGood


Based in Hong Kong, BangGood is known for its large and diverse range of products. Though not considered anywhere near a rival to AliExpress, the company has been gaining popularity in many countries. Its range of 4 million products comprises of things like smartphones, home utilities, electronics, clothing, beauty, and many more. The platform even offers products like drones that aren’t easily available on most e-commerce platforms.
BangGood is extremely easy for business owners to join, thanks to its intuitive and simple interface. You can manage the eBay profile from here, use its open API on your own store website, save product images offline, etc. A whole range of tools exists to aid suppliers, both small and big, for their Dropshipping business.

The platform primarily operates from Hong Kong, though it also has extensive operations for suppliers in the US and China. It also has its reach in the European market. With its range of products and simplicity to join, BangGood can easily be one of the best dropshipping AliExpress alternatives.

Products on BangGood can take 1-4 weeks to get delivered. Apart from the usual global payment methods like Visa and PayPal, it even accepts Cash-on-Delivery in some countries.

  1. LightInTheBox


Lightinthebox pops up as a pretty decent competitor to AliExpress. While its range of products might be much smaller than AliExpress, Lightinthebox still boasts of some 500,000 products from categories like fashion, accessories, home improvement, beauty, phones, and electronics. From cheap items to premium products, Lightinthebox has something for everyone. However, its best-selling niche is fashion and accessories, where it offers lower rates than most of its competitors.
While you can always place individual orders, Lightinthebox also offers a wholesale program where you get discounts on bulk products. Headquartered in China, the company covers delivery pretty much everywhere on the globe. The standard delivery time can be between 2-4 weeks, comparable to AliExpress. It accepts credit cards, PayPal and Western Union for payment method. All of this makes it one of the most interesting AliExpress alternatives for small businesses.

  1. Deal Extreme (DX)

Deal Extreme

One of the prime attractions of AliExpress is its enticing discounts. In that regard, DealExtreme (DX) is one of the best dropshipping AliExpress alternatives. DX offers huge discounts on most of its products, sometimes even half of the original price. They also provide free shipping on most of the products. It means that you have a chance to have some solid profit margins on Dropshipping products from this platform.

DX boasts of some 300,000 products from thousands of categories. On most of these products, you will find the lowest price tag anywhere on the internet. Products are shipped within a day and delivery takes about 2 weeks for most locations in the world. The retailer accepts credit cards and PayPal for payment purposes. DX also offers great features for Dropshipping, suiting both small retailers with limited items or big ones that want to place bulk orders. DX also has a dedicated warehouse in the US which allows US-based retailers to dropship directly from there. If the price is a factor for you, DX is one of the top AliExpress alternatives 2024.

  1. Worldwide Brands

world wide brands

The USP of Worldwide Brands is its huge directory of wholesale retailers, which is 100% verified by the platform. The company believes in connecting small retailers with wholesale ones, without any middleman. Naturally, it becomes a great opportunity for the small retailers to gain from the profit margins that usually these intermediaries took. It also allows customers to buy directly from the sellers, thus staying completely true to the principle of Dropshipping. This entire directory could be accessed for a lifetime by paying a one-time fee.

While most Dropshipping giants seem to be centered in China and the surrounding region, Worldwide Brands has the benefit of being located in the US. Thus, US-based orders can be fulfilled in less than a week, while the farthest orders are also delivered within a week. WorldWide Brands boast of selling more than 16 million products, rivaling the catalog of AliExpress. It accepts credit cards and PayPal for payment.

While WorldWide Brands offers many resources to educate its members about the platform and the e-commerce world in general, the platform is still designed for experts. Beginners who expect a simple interface might be disappointed. Still, it is one of the best Dropshipping alternatives.

  1. Wholesale2B


Wholesale2B is a completely USA-based whole supplier directory and a very much suitable alternative to AliExpress. It offers nearly 2 million products with its catalogs. At the same time, it works as a certified supplier and a completely authentic and verified directory. This dropshipping alternative of AliExpress works great when your business is based on the North American continent.

It simply offers you hundreds of wholesale suppliers, which offers a very organized catalog. Also, with its latest edition comes to perform as one of the leading providers with its brilliant well-managed product data and descriptions. Also, it comes with highly efficient dropshipping tools along with management systems. It includes a great eCommerce support service & besides that, features like real-time supplier ratings, user reviews, and product additions make this one simply great and efficient.

Also, setting up an eStore with this E-shop is easier for finding plenty of products and suppliers. At the same time, the ordering system is highly organized and there are plenty of product categories which makes this much easier to browse and work. It is a complete dropshipping solution for the sellers. It works with a team of experienced professionals, which makes it much easier to work with it. Moreover, it comes with multiple affordable plans for all platforms.

  1. DOBA


DOBA could be simply termed as a swiss army knife of the e-commerce world. The platform offers more than 2 million products from small and big sellers alike. However, it is much more than a mere alternative for AliExpress.
DOBA acts as a comprehensive e-commerce solution for its members. It comes with a simple but powerful dashboard that can connect you to a directory of verified sellers on the platform. Some other features of DOBA include market research, product discovery, and order fulfillment. Like AliEpxress with its store ratings, DOBA also offers a detailed supplier scorecard for each supplier. More than just a rating, the scorecard offers insights on key metrics like shipping time and order fulfillment rate. DOBA can easily integrate with any web platform like Shopify, Amazon, or eBay. DOBA also offers inventory management to manage the 500,000 products it offers. In short, if you are looking for a more comprehensive service than what AliExpress offers, DOBA ranks among the best dropshipping AliExpress alternatives for profit in 2024.

  1. Lightake


The Lightake is another very promising dropshipping platform that comes with brilliant features, which makes it an absolute alternative to AliExpress. The cubes on this site make it the center of attraction. It offers a variety and types of cubes on the site, which is interesting and attractive. Not only cubes but also there are a large variety of products with plenty of categories.

The best part about this platform is, it is improving as time goes. Most of the buyers have experienced slow shipping in the past. But this site tends to learn from its performance and thus goes on improving it. And it is evident from their recent reviews.

It is mostly a great platform for game-related products. It mostly sells magic cubes and puzzles, toys and hobbies, IQ puzzle toys, pets supplies, health and beauty, and there are plenty of other categories. Hence if you are looking for an AliExpress alternative that offers you such special items, then this platform is simply great for you.

  1. GearBest


Staying on the topic of niche-specific, GearBest is another great alternative if you deal exclusively in footwear. Though the platform also deals in other categories (like office equipment, clothing, and accessories), footwear is its primary product. In the two categories of “men’s shoes” and “women’s shoes” alone, you can find 6000+ different products. The platform uses the same footwear suppliers as AliExpress and thus the items are priced around the same range.
Unlike most other games in this list, GearBest is not located in the Chinese region. The Spanish company offers its own associate program for sellers interested in Dropshipping. It offers a huge variety of footwear products to be shipped anywhere in the world. Its only drawback is the delivery time, which is slower than most other AliExpress alternatives in 2024..

  1. Dino Direct

Dino Direct specializes in cross-border selling, at least according to them. But given the claim to deliver in 200 countries, this could very well be true. The platform believes in connecting small retailers to the giants, which makes it one of the best dropshipping alternatives.

Speaking of its products, Dino Direct offers products in 22 categories, especially fashion and electronics. Dino Direct has warehouses spread across the world, including China, Singapore, and the UK. Its wide range of warehouses in various regions allows it to quickly dispatch products anywhere in the world. For North America and Europe, it offers free shipping – quite appealing news for small retailers. Dino Direct has a membership program, though it is completely free to join. Here you can find coupon codes and deals for the lowest price on various products.

  1. DHGate

DHGate is easily one of the best dropshipping AliExpress alternatives you will find, in terms of sheer similarities. DHGate offers almost the same type of products as AliExpress, boasting some 10 million products in its catalog. It also means that you can compare the price of similar products on the two platforms. Like AliExpress, DHGate too has a rating system for its sellers, which allows you to know the popularity and credibility of any seller. Most sellers on the platform are from South-East Asia, including China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Singapore.
DHGate also uses e-packet shipping, the same as AliExpress. Since they are both located in the same region, their delivery time for any product is virtually identical. In some cases, it can also deliver faster! DHGate accepts only PayPal for payments.

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Dropshipping could be exactly what small retailers need to fight against big brands. The right partner not only allows you to have great products and awesome service but also spares a decent profit margin for you. We hope our list helped you find the best dropshipping AliExpress alternatives for profit in 2024.

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