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Write RFP before selecting B2B eCommerce Platform

  • Reduce Risks
  • 150+ Questions
  • Discover all that you should be asking!

This RFP document is written by experts and helps you to avoid costly mistakes.  Download vendor neutral B2B e-commerce RFP now!

Reduce risks by using a B2B RFP template written by Experts

Going the B2B e-commerce way is a significant investment.  The starting point of any ecommerce project is understanding the requirements by creating an RFP.  Creating a new ecommerce RFP is time-consuming.  Our technology team has created this template based on experience gained by working in many successful B2B ecommerce implementations. The product companies themselves create RFP templates that are available online.  Sometimes they are biased and hide features that you should be asking the vendors.  This RFP can be used as Magento RFP

This ecommerce RFP template is available in an excel (XLS RFP) format so that you can easily insert your unique requirements and delete those that are not relevant to you.

Why you should use our B2B RFP Sheet?

To make last minute changes

Vendor Neutral. It is not written by keeping a product in mind.

Comprehensive, you will discover features that you may have missed

Save money by accurately defining requirements

Suitably modify the template base on your unique requirements

Saves time and money! B2B e-Commerce RFP has

Technical evaluation guide

Business questions

Total cost of ownership calculator

No vender marketing

How does this RFP document look like?

This RFP will give you a comprehensive, unbiased list of features that you should be looking from your next B2B ecommerce implementation.

The template is divided into 2 sections to make the process easier.
1. Replatforming preparation: 10 questions
A set of 10 questions are given that will initiate the process of replatforming to
make you prepared for the process.
During preparation align your business goals and objectives with stakeholders
and all other groups which are essential for your business. Replatforming should
focus on solving errors and limitations of earlier projects (if any).
2. RFP template for e-commerce- 157 points
There follows a detailed checklist of 157 points for RFP to be complete. These
points cover every aspect of a project. An outline makes the process easier. You
just have to fill in the fields and relax.

What are the sections of RFP TEMPLATE?

B2B e-commerce features- a software that is user friendly, containing more than 150 points to give you an idea about specific software usage.

Technology Feature- this section enables to understand the new technology and efficiently master it in various business processes.

Licensing and Pricing Variations- this section aids in understanding the prevailing pricing models and licensing issues to manage them effectively. Template provides models based on revenue, number of users and servers and helps to draw conclusions.

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