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Printful Review 2023: Ultimate Print on Demand

Print on demand is on the trend in the present decade. It is expected that print on demand will reach over 10 billion US dollars online sales annually by 2025. Many brands are competing in this field. There are already some established players in the print-on-demand market. We will discuss print on demand is on the trend in the present decade. It is expected that print on demand will reach over 10 billion US dollars online sales annually by 2025. There are many brands that are competing in this field. There are already some established which playing big games in the print on demand market. We will discuss the leader of this market, Printful. The platform Printful is a well-known brand in the online selling of print on demand industry. Let’s dive into Printful Review 2021.

So, what exactly is Printful? Printful is a print on demand service which serves you with precisely the custom-made design you want. From t-shirts, phone cases, hats to other accessories, Printful has got your entire inventory covered. The best thing about Printful is its simple, addictive, and perfect interface. In this detailed review, we will explain why you should choose Printful over its other competitors.

If you do not know about the demand for print on demand, you can have a look at the Printful website to know all about this industry. A fresh website handling a growing sector is what exactly you look forward to boosting the online industry of print on demand. So, let us understand more about this online brand of custom printing.

How Does Printful Work?

It is simple and easy, and you can know it after opening the websites, maybe in just 20 minutes. It is all about starting with your creative design. It is highly important that you follow the guideline of Printful and do your creative designs accordingly.

Printful Review 2020

Customizing designs is always what your creative brain is looking for usually. With interactive visualizing software, it becomes pretty easy. Simple designs and slogans can be created directly from the Printful dashboard. For complex designs, you can easily upload a design file, and then you can do the placement in a customizable way on the product.

Printful Review 2020

For the production process, it starts only after the payment is made. Printful takes full care of production and shipment.  This part is actually the best part of Printful, and they take care of all the hard production parts along with the headache of shipping. It gives you genuine relief. So, concentrate on the exciting designs which can be your real asset. Give your time to fonts and illustrations to make it as perfect as possible. You can also buy designs from different creative markets online, which will make you easy for sure.

With Printful, you can be a part of the steady income-generating community too. Just have a Shopify store, and you are ready to go! You give time to bring buyers with your creative designs, and rest all will be taken care of by Printful. For example, if you get a t-shirt done by Printful in just 10 US dollars, you can sell at 20 US dollars, which is a double profit before paying the taxes.

The best thing is you do not pay Printful upfront. You pay them by using the cash flow generated by the customers. So, it is after the product printing, shipping, and delivery are completed. It is a sort of business where you can hardly get into losses.

Although Printful starts printing after the order is received, your customer does not need to wait more than two weeks, usually to receive the product. With production plants in the United States and Europe, it is pretty easy for the Printful to cover these places in just the time period of 2 weeks. Giants like Amazon deliver things in 3 days still two weeks is still reasonable when you think that you are ordering a custom made design.

Printful Shipping Prices

There can be shipment rates of two types one is a flat rate, while the other is the live rate. Flat rates in the USA are between 5 US dollars to 7 US dollars, while in Europe it is around 4 Euros to 6 Euros. For frugal objects, the shipment costs can go up to 30 US dollars.

Printful Review 2020

If you order another t-shirt with one t-shirt, the extra shipping charges will be only 0.9 US dollars per extra t-shirt.

With flat shipping rates, Printful will cover from its pocket, if there are any extra charges but if it is less, they will pay you back. For live rates, you need to integrate Printful with Woocommerce, Shopify, or Ecwid. Live rates are usually counted with respect to the customer’s location during the time of checkout. So, live rates can usually vary significantly.

With hassle-free shipping, Printful assures less headache, faster delivery, and high customer satisfaction. With manufacturing units in the United States and Europe, your customers usually do not need to pay import tax. This makes online print on demand shopping really hassle-free and enjoyable. So, Printful is the best source for online print on demand shopping.

Printful with Shopify

Shopify is the prime e-commerce destination for many people. With their widget and plugins, they make the life of online business people very easy. So, Printful integration with Shopify is a major thing that we cannot skip. Printful can be integrated with any content management platform starting from Amazon and eBay to Big Cartel and Woocommerce.

Printful Review 2020

So, the steps of integration are pretty easy and simple. Just follow the following steps-

  • Register Printful account
  • Go its analog on content management platform like Shopify or go to the apps menu and download or install the Printful app.
  • Sync your Printful app with the content management platform you are using or prefer to use.
  • Add designs and products to your store, which makes you ready for your first sale.

Setting up the store can sometimes take you less than one hour, but that does not make your print on demand business easy. You have to focus on out of the box designs to compete in this evergrowing market of creative designing. If you do not get your designs right, then you will end up being just another print on demand online store.

In the beginning, if you are looking for quick sales, then putting creative ads is highly necessary, as it is highly unlikely that you will rank soon in the search engine. Online ads can range from Google ads to Facebook ads. Try to be master in making good ads, by targeting your perfect target customers to get the best results. Even push ads can give you a great result if optimized properly. Instagram ads are also ruling the new generation if you have a closer look at the new online ads world. If you look at aggressive marketing along with branding, paid ads are highly necessary, for sure.

Printful Quality Assessment

Printful quality assessment is something you need to go through. There are many positive and negative reviews about Printful. Reading the negative comments first can make you understand what the grey areas are and how to work on it.

If you have a closer look at the negative comments, they are more related to the design color issues rather than the shirt quality issues. The issue arises when you do not follow the guidelines of Printful while giving the pdf or jpg of the design. It creates a huge difference in color combination of what one expects and what one gets as the final result.

This problem can lead to your customer having an unsatisfactory experience with you. The satisfaction of the customer should never be kept at stake. So, properly following the guidelines of the Printful will help you pass through it easily. Mismatching colors and resolution are mainly due to neglecting the Printful guidelines.

You can order a test version at a 20 percent discount to check the quality. You can order 4 test versions per month depending on your account and previous buying records from the Printful. So, with this advantage, you can always be secured with the Printful.

Printful and its Competitors

Printful has two big rivals in the print on demand industry, one is Gooten, and the other is Printify. Three of them are integrated with Shopify, but Printful is the only one that is integrated with other platforms like Amazon and eBay. Printful has the highest designing options among the three, while also maintaining the highest production record among the three fierce rivals. Printful has the highest app rating of 4.6, while Printify and Gooten have 4.5 and 3.9 ratings, respectively.

Printful vs Printify

Printful Review 2020

Printful is having a better customization facility than Printify. From packaging to every label, you can customize it with the help of Printful. Printify outsources the production while Printful has its own production. You can always find an advantage of Printful over Printify when it comes to production. When you have more intermediaries, you have more scopes of mistakes, that is why Printful is always a better choice over Printify.

Printful vs Gooten

Printful Review 2020

Gooten has slower order fulfillment capacity, along with less efficiency. It also outsources most of its productions. The price tag of Printful is usually 15 percent less than Gooten even when Gooten product quality and product range is no match to that of Printful.

Printful Pricing

Printful pricing varies from products to products. The best thing about Prinful is that it does not have any minimum order requirements. So, you can always order how many you want at the best prices. Here is a table of some product types and their prices in US dollars as follows:

Product Type Price in US dollars
Embroidered aprons $14.95
Sports Bras $24.95
Swimwear From $14 to $26
Towels $22.61
Skirts From $16 to $25
Dresses From $24 to $30
Sublimated Socks $10.50
Phone Cases $9.50
Pillows From $12 to $16
Leggings From $16 to $27
Totes & Bags From $10 to $30
All-over Shirts From $19 to $30
Mugs From $7 to $9
Hats From $12 to $18
Wall Art From $5 to $27
Shirts From $7 to $27

Printful has the widest range of products among the print on demand competitors in the market. You can decide your retail rate by keeping the shipping charges in mind. This business can give you a good profit margin if managed properly and if your good creative ideas and designs. So, always give priority to your designs, which can make you highly stabilized in the market of print on demand.

Is Printful worth it?

Printful is actually worth it if you can cross the first year of the e-commerce business. Just 3 percent of print on demand online retail stores who use Printful manage to pass through the first year. So, there is a huge chance that you can fail and not make any reasonable profit. There are many other traditional e-commerce businesses that have better stability, but with the saturation of the e-commerce market, it is hard to break their stronghold too.

You must develop high-quality online advertising strategies by using Google ads and Facebook ads to have better results. So, having sound online advertising knowledge is a must in this business. It can even cost you thousands of dollars if you are planning to rank via SEO in low competition keywords with high search volumes. So, you have to be monetarily ready for anything. Therefore, paid ads are better options to get initial profits quickly.

Printful makes you think that you are going to get easy money. That is their marketing strategy to have you as their client. You should also come up with good client-attracting strategies along with the best creative designs to have a base of your own customers.

Overall, starting print on demand business with the support of Printful is a good scope for creative minds who are looking to gain good profits in online business. Your business depends entirely upon you; Printful takes care of printing and shipping high-quality products according to your choice. So, sit and plan your online print on demand business, then look for Printful to cooperate with you to scale up your business. Hope you found our Printful Review 2021 helpful. The field is still open for you to come up and carve your own niche.

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