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CRM or Customer Relationship management is central to any business. Data usage, metrics, and customers’ behavior to prosper business and establish a mutual relationship

Elderly people are complaining more regarding e-commerce from last few years.

The hospitality world is becoming increasingly digitized and with the use of immersive technology, this transition is going smoothly. Hotels are one sector in

As we make great leaps in both customer satisfaction and consumer safety, a few vital points, such as consumer customization, has come up. Even

Traditionally manufacturers don’t build relationships with their end customers. The entire gamut of customer relationships is left to the retailers or post-sales support.

Every data has a story to tell. But the story comes to life only if you are asking the right question to the

In this episode of Digital Icons, Alex Genov head of customer research at Zappos, sheds light on everything you need to know about understanding