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Trend of elderly complaining about e-commerce services is increasing

We have seen that the e-commerce deliveries are going on right now despite the fact that we are seeing a surge in lockdown measures and people are advised to stay at home right now. This also means that we are going to see some measures being put in place for e-commerce as well and some of them are already there. Since Coronavirus is something that happens to the younger generation as well as the older people, we have seen companies making special provisions for shopping by elderly people. However, a new report now shows that elderly people are also having complaints when it comes to shopping online.

This new report from Korea shows that there is an increase in complaints given by the elderly people and it is regarding their shopping and delivery. As per the report, “The Korea Consumer Agency said that the number of e-commerce-related claims filed by consumers aged 60 or older has grown rapidly in recent years”. In 2017-2018, the number of total complaints filed by the elderly was 3.5% annually which has grown up significantly and there needs to be something done in this matter.

As per the same report, half of these reports which count for 51.2% to be precise, have been filed against the products or services that are bought from online e-commerce platforms whereas rest of them are filed against door-to-door delivery services as well as telecalling companies. There is also a rise in the numbers right now because elderly people are either not able to get the delivery required or they are having to do things extra in order to get the delivery since measures are put in place to prevent the virus outbreak. The agency also mentions that complaints from people under the age of 60 has dropped by 6% in contrast during the same period.

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