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Apple reportedly planning to re-open retail stores in the US

While no one is new to the fact that we have a virus outbreak right now and the fact that the world economy is on a standstill due to it, we have seen that all the retail locations have been closed and those who can are going the e-commerce route for selling things that are essential during these times with the expansion of delivery for non-essentials coming later. Having said that, we have a growing number of people in the US complaining that they should be allowed to go out even if that means catching the virus.

But most of the US economics and experts are opposing this saying that it will have a ripple effect on the cases and they will shoot up much more than what they are right now. On the other hand, we have a new report coming in from Apple via CNBC which reveals something different. It is said that Apple is already planning to re-open their retail stores in some locations of the US such as “Idaho, South Carolina, Alabama and Alaska starting next week.” This means that the company has already made their plans as to where they will resume sales of their products.

An Apple representative even said that “We’re excited to begin reopening stores in the US next week, starting with some stores in Idaho, South Carolina, Alabama and Alaska,”. “Our team is constantly monitoring local health data and government guidance, and as soon as we can safely open our stores, we will.” This is also a good way for Apple to judge their demand right now since we know that tech products might not be a priority for many right now given a recession is looming and jobs are lost every day. Apple says they will allow limited customers at a time inside their stores and social distancing as well as temperature checks will be done daily.

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