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Inventory Source Review 2023: Is it Best for Dropshipping Automation?

Since we are living in an online world right now, we know that the things that we shop for have also gone online apart from our social media activity and the social lifestyle. This means that not only us but most of the people are shopping online. This presents us with an opportunity for doing business which is known as dropshipping. Let’s further dive into Inventory Source Review 2021.

For those of you who are hearing this term for the first time, don’t worry as we will explain to you in detail what dropshipping means and how you can create a business out of this technique.

Basically, dropshipping is when you are running an online business without even having a massive warehouse facility like Amazon has or manufacturing your products in house. Dropshipping is the art of importing products from manufacturing hubs such as China, India, or Vietnam and then selling those products to customers in the US or Europe with a markup.

Now that you must have understood what is Dropshopping, we will tell you about the challenges faced by drop shippers right now. If you search on Amazon then you will see that it clearly shows you if there are limited products available or they are out of stock but that facility is not available for Dropshipping stores.

This is because inventory management is hard for them. And it does happen that a customer orders an item which is shown as in stock but it might be out of stock. This problem is definitely not what you would want your customers to face and they will lose trust in your brand as well.

Inventory Source Review 2021: Dropshipping Automation at ease!

Inventory Source
Inventory Source

In comes Inventory Source Automation Software which is developed by a company named Inventory Source. It is an inventory management company that provides you with the software to exactly give you details about the inventory you have in an automated fashion.

Inventory Source is also one of the oldest players in the market and it takes pride in “providing accurate product information, tools and resources to help executives so that they can find the best suppliers for their needs”.

Now that we have given you a brief introduction about Inventory Source and what it does, we will go in detail about how it is the best provider in the market for your direct shipping needs:

Inventory Source Features

Inventory Source features
Inventory Source features

Talking about the features of Inventory Source, the first one is an automatic site. Yes, Inventory Source allows you to create an automated website that runs on autopilot meaning that you don’t have to do anything and it is hosted on its own servers as well.

Another great feature inside Inventory Source is that you can even import files or integrate supplier data that is not currently available on the platform. So this way, you can use your current supplier while still using the platform for dropshipping automation.

The best feature that we have found inside Inventory Source is that you have no intermediates or middle-man in simpler terms. Inventory Source says that they do this by “not marking a product and offering the same price as the supplier”.

Adding that they directly work with suppliers to “enable volume reductions, access to exclusive brands, seasonal specials, a true model, and a partnership to grow your business”.

Why should you choose Inventory Source?

Inventory Source features
Inventory Source features

As we all know, there are options for almost everything in the market and we know that not all of those options need to be used. We can use whatever we want and the platform that suits our needs.

But here is where Inventory Source sets itself apart from others in dropshipping automation. The first and the most important thing in dropshipping is the accuracy of product information and that is found on Inventory Source only.

Inventory Data

Inventory Source also takes pride in working with the suppliers to provide business owners with resources and tools for finding the right vendors and providing them with inventory data and contact information along with pricing strategies.

This is one of the main reasons why, apart from others, Inventory Source Dropshipping is the best dropshipping platform on the planet as of now.

Customer Support

Talking about those other reasons, Inventory Source also has a dedicated customer support team that is available 24/7 in order to assist their customers in the time of need.

As we all know, problems can come at any time and it is important that we get support at the right time rather than a delayed one which might be of no use then. So with Inventory Source, you have that available as well.

Supplier Integration

Everyone who has worked in dropshipping business must have understood that supplier integration is one of the main metrics that a platform can be judged upon.

And you would be pleased to know that Inventory Source has one of the biggest supplier integrations. You will find brands such as Amazon, Rakuten, eBay, Walmart, Jet (that has just been discontinued), as well as many others.

Also, you will find support for platforms such as BigCommerce, WordPress, Shopify, and Magento that are important to you in creating a store for yourself in the first place.

Now that we have mentioned almost everything regarding Inventory Source and how it is the best open-source inventory source management software, there is one last thing missing. This detail will mean that our Inventory Source Review will be complete and you will able to make your decision better.

And the detail we are talking about, is of course, pricing. As you would know, Dropshipping is a business where pricing matters more than anything. Because if you are not able to make money from the business, you will not be motivated to invest in a platform such as Inventory Source.

Inventory Source Pricing

Inventory Source Pricing
Inventory Source Pricing

Regarding the pricing of Inventory Source, you would be glad to know that the platform offers you a free plan along with two paid plans.

But don’t get excited just yet because the free account that you get on Inventory Source is actually a free trial meaning that you will need to upgrade to a paid account sometime in the future.

Having said that, we do have certain features that Inventory Source lets you use in the free account which includes gaining access to the 180+ dropship suppliers directory, viewing supplier products and policies along with filtering suppliers through specific niches.

So if you are someone who is doing research on the best dropshipping platforms for automation and looking for suppliers provided by different platforms then you don’t need to pay anything as Inventory Source provides those details to you for free.

However, if you have decided that Inventory Source is the platform of choice for your automation needs then you should upgrade to either of the two paid plans that the platform offers.

Talking about the paid plans, the first plan is known as “Inventory Sync” where you need to pay $99 per month.

In this plan, most of the features that you need are covered such as Single Integration and includes product and inventory syncing. This is where the limitation with this $99 plan is which only allows you a single integration.

But we also know that most people would want to run a single integration only and that is the reason why this will be the best option for them when they are starting out the dropshipping business.

If you are a professional dropshipper who is running a big business then there is no reason why you would not want to invest in the second of the paid plans which is the $150 per month plan.

The main advantage of paying a $50 extra over the base plan is that you will get Inventory Automation included in this one meaning that availability of products inside your inventory will be handled automatically and you do need to keep checking the products in stock.

However, that is not all the features that you get extra in the $150 plan as you also get order routing ability along with shipment tracking syncing meaning that you know where your orders are coming from and where they are right now.

This is a feature we know many companies such as Amazon, Walmart, and others use in order to make sure that their products are not lost in the transit process which happens a lot of times.


But that is not to say that Inventory Source is the best and there are no drawbacks on the platform because after all, Inventory Source Review or any review for that matter, can’t be complete without its problems.

Thankfully, Inventory Source has some minor drawbacks that are related to its pricing. It is seen that there are some flaws in the paid plans available on the platform as they are either $100 or $150 per month and nothing less than the base price.

Also, you need to buy a new plan for a different supplier on the platform which is something that should be included in the top-tier plan but that is not currently available.

If these are not major flaws for you then Inventory Source Dropshipping is undoubtedly the best platform for your needs.

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