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11 Must-Have Shopify Apps for Your Store in 2023

Whether you are new to the Shopify world or you have a big fat business of online stores, you need to run them in a more optimized and organized way.

That’s what Shopify app tools strive to offer you. They come with plenty of amazing features like helping you in launching an online store and working through an auto

mated system for shopping, shipping, and doing other marketing activities.

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Here are the 11 best Shopify apps for 2022 that you can choose for adding more growth to your e-commerce site. So let’s start without buzzing around anymore:

11 Best Shopify apps for 2022

1. Plugin SEO

Plugin SEO
Plugin SEO

With the Plugin SEO, it’s easy to keep track of your webshop. The world of digital marketing is a bit tricky. And to stay connected with it, you need to adopt all the possible means to ad flow to it. The Plugin SEO is just made for that.

Enabling this app, it works by auto-detecting all the SEO aspects of your web store. This SEO aspect includes speed, keyword, blog content, SEO problems, and broken links for eliminating the need to check individual pages.

This search engine optimization Shopify app is thus considered as the best tool to keep everything in your e-store organized.


  • Offers free instruction along with the code snippets on how to fix the SEO
  • Improves the SEO so that your webshop can gain more visitors
  • Notifies the user by sending emails to alert about the SEO problems

Why Choose This App?

If you want to attract more traffic to your page through SEO marketing, then it is important to find a tool that is capable of providing the best suitable environment with SEO.

That’s why Plugin SEO can be a perfect choice as it offers stable traffic, which is absolutely easy to convert and eases out your efforts to manage a good SEO for your Shopify site.

Also, it comes at an affordable rate of just $20 a month.

2. Form Builder

Form Builder
Form Builder

If you want your visitors to indulge in more activities when they visit your webshop, then this app is apt for you. This app is designed with an interface that allows you to create unique forms for your Shopify store.

It creates easy-to-fill forms that help your visitors to come to your page for placing orders or doing other activities in a quite easy way. Making surfing a bit more interesting is definitely going to impress your visitors.


  • This app lets you create interesting forms without the need for any kind of coding skill.
  • It’s easy to install and lets you start creating your forms with one click only.

Why Choose This App?

For inviting more leads to your page and turning them into your potential customers, your Shopify store needs to have a nice design.

This app lets you create a personalized shopping experience for your customers that attracts them more and leaves them happy with the enhanced shopping experience.

Nevertheless, the app subscription costs only $10 per month. You can get access to more features with the pro-subscription.

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3. Printful


Are you willing to run your online boutique store? Try this app for more amazing workability and beautiful interface so that your targeted customer comes to your store to get a happy shopping experience.

The Printful app provides such an interactive feature that makes it the best application for a customized creation of your online boutique so that whenever you get an order, the app automatically makes the personalized designs and sends it to the visitor every time.


  • The app runs without the need for setting up an inventory
  • It lets you sell customized products that are best to attract more customers with its uniqueness

Why Choose This App?

It is an amazing app for creating a variety of options and items that you can use to attract more customers. You don’t need to worry much about the production process.

Also, the app offers new designs to your customer quickly without holding any inventory. The installation of the app is free of cost, but it will charge you an affordable amount every time you get an order using it.

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4. Smile


Referral marketing is an effective way to create and invite more traffic to your Shopify app and generate more sales. And Smile is great for that.

Featuring the story of your web-store to boost your marketing strategy can impress more people with your journey and speciality. Thereby, this app is effective enough to motivate your customer to visit your Shopify Store.


  • The app’s Analytics lets you check the results easily
  • It encourages more sales through the points, referral designing, and the VIP-based loyalty program

Why Choose This App?

For a loyalty running program, Smile is great with its easy-to-use profile and interface. In this way, it generates more visitors and makes them your potential customers for increasing your sales. The user-friendly backend of this app is great to operate and easy to understand.

You can start working with the app without any initial investment. If you want to unlock more effective and interesting features, there is a premium version that you can subscribe to with a certain amount of pricing.

5. Oberlo


If you want to add more new products to your store consistently, then Oberlo is just what you need. The app is specifically built to serve the Shopify stores as it is designed as a wholesale catalogue for the products.

Oberlo offers more sourcing with suppliers and tracks products that can directly be added to your e-store. Every time an offer is placed on your Shopify store, you can resolve it through the dropshipping supplier directly via the Oberlo app.


  • Finding and adding all the trending products to your Shopify store is easier with this app
  • The shipping process gets accomplished quite smoothly without any interruption from the supplier to the customer
  • The app lets you track your order any time you want

Why Choose This App?

If you are looking for a dropshipping service with which you can optimize your Shopify store service in a smooth and hassle-free way, then Oberlo will be great for you.

Unlike the inventory model, its dropshipping model automates the system of collecting more products to your store for keeping it updated with the new and trendy collections of all time. This updated profile is going to attract more people for sure.

Moreover, from easy tracking to smooth shipping, all you can get in this app. Initially, you can install this mobile app and run it without any cost. As your shop grows, you’ll need to subscribe to the premium version starting at $29.90/month.

6. Seguno


Your Shopify store will reach the pioneer of its success if you can earn the trust of your new buyers. And Seguno does that on behalf of you. Enabling this app turns your new buyers into a regular customer by making them happy with the user-interactive and organized shopping experience.

With Seguno, you can send “Welcome” emails to your new customers to attract them. Therefore, the “Thank you” emails and showing more courtesy to your customer helps in building trust in them towards your brand.


  • Sends quick welcome and thank you emails to your new customers to build trust
  • Generates more unique discount codes to make your customers happy with your offers
  • Sends more recommendations to help your customers select more products for orders

Why Choose This App?

Building trust is more important for making your customers come back to your online store. Customers prefer sweet gestures more than the annoying ads and emails, and Seguno does that for you with much efficiency so that you can stay connected with your customers while enjoying a happy bond with them.

It lets you enjoy the free service of up to 250 subscribers of your online shopping site. However, for more customers, you need to subscribe to this app’s premium plan.

7. Return Magic

Return Magic
Return Magic

Your shopping site will only be successful if it has all the easy and user-impressive facilities. And the return is a part of those services.

Even if your customer is not happy with one particular product, they are going to appreciate your easy-to-return service.

You need to simplify the return process for operating an easy return structure. And Return Magic helps you with that. It works through an easy process with automated cash and gift card refunds.

Therefore, the automatic generation of return label printing, exchanging of offers, and personalized return offer for your consumers are easily arranged by this app.


  • Offers various returning methods, including cash, card, gift card, or exchange of products
  • Operates an automated system for generating the entire return process
  • Lets you create the return portal for your own brand

Why Choose This App?

For offering a better user experience, you need to have an organized returning system alongside an easy order placing mechanism in your Shopify store.

This app lets you do that quite easily. The Return Magic app has the ability to turn the returns into more gift cards, which at the same time keeps your customer happy and makes them purchase more products from your webshop in the future.

Also, the pricing of this app is quite affordable, as it’s available in the range of $10/ month. In the beginning, you will get a 30 days’ trial for free, which you can use to know if this app is suitable for you or not.

8. PushOwl


Online marketing is all about keeping your customers engaged with your shopping site. The abandoned carts in terms of Shopify marketing are quite effective.

And PushOwl helps you with that. It uses the push notifications to keep your customers notified about their empty cart that they need to fill with products they were eyeing on.

This helps your customer to return to your web store while looking for the products they are interested in.


  • Sends reminder notifications for the abandoned carts
  • Keeps you updated about the products which are back in stock
  • Sends the reviewed product notifications post-shipment to let you have a continuous track report of your product

Why Choose This App?

Keeping your customers updated about the status of the products that they were looking for is the best way to make them return to the cart and place an order.

In this way, your customer stays happy with the easy availability of the product and, at the same time, brings you increased sales. Moreover, it is quite affordable and effective to use.

PushOwl comes at a premium rate of $19/month and lets you have a free service up to 500 impressions, which fits your budget.



Emails are highly recognized as an effective way to attract more and more visitors to your web store or app. That’s what SUMO does for you.

This email capture tool was initially designed for the bloggers, and now it is also effective for other online Shopify businesses. This marketing and conversion tool draws more customers with an easy interface.


  • It comes with an easy drag and drop form editor that creates high converting forms to make your visitors fill them with their email addresses
  • Generates unique discount codes for every new subscriber to make them build interest for your Shopify store
  • By generating more emails, it helps in adding more customers to your list and increases the order value

Why Choose This App?

To stay up-to-date with the marketing trend, you need to take the help of some smart strategies. And emails are a part of it. By making your visitors provide their email addresses, you can send all the updates and offers about your store, which will keep them aware of your services.

This is why you should choose SUMO to create more customized emails for your customers and visitors. It comes in both free and premium packages. The premium plan costs $19 / month.

10. Growwave


Having an all-in-one app for your Shopify store can be way more beneficial for you. The Growwave app helps in reaching out to more people, make them visit your store, turn them into your potential customers, and increase your conversion. Also, this app comes with various tools to accomplish various works.


  • Lets you do a variety of tasks, including attracting users, making them subscribe, and, in turn, increasing your conversion rate
  • Reviews, wish-listing, and rewarding – all are present in this one app

Why Choose This App?

If you want to make your brand much popular on social media and email, then Growwave will help you do so more strategically. You can build strong customer relations with the loyalty program, reviews, and commenting facilities offered by the app.

Another highlighted feature is its affordability, which is just superb. It offers free trials for the first 30 days. After that, you’ll need the premium version worth $29/ month.

11. Weglot


International business has become extremely important for ecommerce stores, and one of the biggest obstacles for selling overseas is catering to speakers of foreign languages. Not everyone speaks English, after all, so there’s a lot of value in translating your website — but how can you get that done economically? Weglot, the top Shopify translation app, is the answer.

Hiring progressional translators is too expensive to be practical at that level, and using basic systems like Google Translate will produce inadequate results. Weglot offers unbeatable automated translation, drawing upon various systems to quickly and affordably generate impressive page translations.

If you’re looking to grow your store around the world, deploying Weglot to translate your website is one of the best moves you can make.


  • Requires no coding or complicated setup process
  • Keeps your content search-optimized in every language
  • Employs professional translators to verify content

Why Choose This App?

English may be the dominant language in the business world, but there are many prospects across the globe who don’t speak much of it.

Furthermore, most people who are fairly fluent in English still prefer to find content in their native tongues. Catering to them will really help your brand.

You can try Weglot for two months for free, so give it a shot.


Keeping your Shopify store always updated and top-notch for your audience is the best way to attract more visitors and customers for a satisfying shopping experience.

However, manually doing it is undoubtedly frustrating and prone to making mistakes. That’s why you are recommended to use any of the above mentioned Shopify apps for enjoying the most with your shopping site.

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