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Shopify reaches deal with Amazon for using ‘Buy with Prime’ option

We already know that Amazon is a huge company and is considered to be the pioneer of the e-commerce sector as it was also the first company ever to enter the online shopping field almost two decades ago which means that it will have everything sorted by now but we know that the industry does not work like that and there will always be disruptions along the way and same is the case with Amazon as well. Despite that, we know that Amazon is considered as the best in the field and the one thing they are great at is customer support.

Now, one of its biggest rivals in the e-commerce space because of the sheer size of merchants on its platform is Shopify and rather than fighting, both the companies have decided to partner with each other. It is recently revealed that Amazon and Shopify have agreed on a partnership to let Shopify use its “Buy with Prime” option on their platform. “Soon, Shopify merchants who also use Amazon’s fulfillment network will have the option to add the Buy with Prime app from our app ecosystem directly into Shopify Checkout, processed by Shopify Payments,” Shopify revealed. The company adds that “the new app would enable Shopify merchants to give Prime members access to Prime benefits like fast and free delivery outside of Amazon.com for the first time ever”. The app Shopify is talking about will be released by Amazon very soon on the Shopify web store in order to let its customers use the “Buy with Prime” option for faster deliveries outside Amazon.

After this announcement, which is obviously a big one for Shopify as Amazon has not opened its Prime platform for anyone else so far, the stocks of Shopify popped up and it is worth noting that huge gains were made. However, it is also to be noted that Shopify previously urged its customers to not use the “Buy with Prime” option citing security risks but have now reached a deal so everything is fine. It is also revealed that the transactions will still be processed by Shopify.

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