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Kajabi Review 2023: Best Online Course Platform?

You must have seen that there are hundreds of platforms that allow you to sell your online courses and we know that each of the platforms has its own unique way of doing things that might suit someone but not others.

Similarly, we have other platforms that are versatile in one way but are limited in others. We then Kajabi which is claimed to be the best online course platform that you can have in 2021.

Basically, Kajabi is one of the most popular online course platforms and since we are in unprecedented times from the start of this year, it is worth having a look because everything is being done online and online courses are in great demand right now.

While we say that Kajabi is a popular online course platform out of the many available, it is different from them as well. Kajabi is different from typical online course platforms in terms of pricing and the features it has to offer for the sellers.

However, this is not always a good thing for the users who want to move to Kajabi because it is also the reason why they hesitate in moving to Kajabi thinking if it really is the best platform for what they want to do which is to sell courses online.

So in our Kajabi Review, we are going to touch upon each and every point in the process of online course platform and let you know if it is really the best you can get.

Kajabi Review 2021: Is it the best platform to host your business?

In this review of Kajabi, we are going to highlight all the features that you will get with the platform but if you are someone who is starting out for the first time and does not know what an online course platform offers than we are going to introduce Kajabi for you.

Kajabi, like every other online course platform, lets you create your own courses that you can deliver directly to your students in a timely and professional manner. Not only that, Kajabi lets you create blogs on the platform as well as create websites and even have marketing funnels for email marketing.

The main reason why we told you that Kajabi is different from other online course platforms is that Kajabi offers you a one-stop solution for all your needs and they have thought of everything that an online course seller would need in order to start selling their courses online.

For example, if you go to the other online course platforms then you will find that they will have an online course creation platform for sure which is the basic thing that you would want in such a platform.

After that, you will have a payment processing page as well which is how you will direct your users to buy your courses and pay for the same on the platform without them needing to do something else.

On top of that, some other online course platforms would even allow you to create websites, blogs as well as landing pages in order to attract customers and let them buy your courses from the platform.

But the difference between everyone else and Kajabi is that Kajabi offers you Online Course Platform, Shopping Cart, Website Builder as well as Marketing tools so that you get everything in one place.

Kajabi Course Creation Review

Now, you have understood how Kajabi is different and seemingly better from every other online course platform out there. But let’s understand how you can use the features of Kajabi and the first one is Course Creation.

Kajabi has a feature called Project Blueprint which is exactly what you expect, a way to organize your courses according to their pre-made templates so that your work becomes that much easier.

There are a variety of options for you to select such as Online courses, Mini courses, Evergreen training, Coaching program and more to choose from.

You can even select the option to start from scratch if you are not happy with any of the pre-made blueprints and want to make your own customized one.

Each module in Kajabi is known as a category while a lesson is known as Posts so you can create different categories and multiple posts inside those categories.

Just like you would do with a normal blog post when you are using WordPress, Kajabi also offers you the option of adding a featured image known as Poster Image on the platform that will be the reason why people will buy your course.

You will also be able to create post titles, categories as we mentioned earlier, the body of the course as well as add files for downloading.

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Kajabi Email Marketing Review

Like we mentioned earlier, Kajabi as a platform is different from other online course platforms because it does give you an email marketing tool built-in which is hardly available on any other platform.

Due to this reason, you don’t have to use another email marketing tool to send emails to your email list in order to let them know about your online course or updates to the same.

So we will also give you a Kajabi Email Marketing Review to let you know how the marketing tools are inside this platform.

The first thing that we like about Kajabi Email Marketing is that you can create automated email sequences that are sent depending on the actions that your users have taken.

Also, Kajabi Email Marketing lets you completely automate your emails which means that you can remove your subscribers from sales sequences as soon as they have purchased the offer meaning that you don’t bombard them with the same offer even when they have availed it risking losing that subscriber.

Apart from that, Kajabi Email Marketing tools lets you offer a special discount coupon code for new subscribers that will be sent out automatically so that they are encouraged in buying your course.

Not only that, but you also have the option to “Gift this course” for subscribers so that they can purchase the course and send them as a present for someone if that is what they want to do.

Having said that, Kajabi Email Marketing is not all roses because there are rocks along this path too. While these tools do offer a great way to manage your email marketing, there are certain limitations as well.

For example, there is a limitation on sending out emails from Kajabi back to back in a few hours and you can only send them after a certain period in a day.

This is likely done in order to avoid the email spam filters as they would block the emails that are being sent too frequently but there are times when you need such features and they are not available.

Kajabi Affiliate Marketing Review

Now that we have told you about creating your course online on Kajabi and even doing Email Marketing, there is also another aspect of online courses selling which is Affiliate Marketing.

Basically, the term Affiliate Marketing refers to someone who gets a commission for referring a customer to your online course. You would be glad to know that Kajabi offers this option inside the platform where you can easily add your affiliate marketing program.

Kajabi Affiliate Marketing program lets you control aspects such as what is commission% of your courses, create links for affiliates to share as well as select which courses will get commission and which ones will not.

You also have the option to track the performance of your affiliates inside the Kajabi dashboard through which you can find out which is performing better and if you need to remove someone than you can do as well.

Now, there are limitations to Kajabi Affiliate Marketing feature too which is related to the cookie period. This period is the time period in which a user clicks on the affiliate link and then decides to get the course.

By default, you have a 30-day cookie period for your affiliate links and there is no option for the creator to change the period.

Kajabi Webinar Review

If you have been aware of the online course platform and the art of selling online courses, you would know that creating funnels is the main part of it.

And while creating sales funnels can be a tough part for many, hosting webinars is one of the easiest ways in which you can sell your online course.

For example, if you have kept a free webinar and you mention your online course inside the webinar than there is a chance many people will find it useful and think about buying it.

Similarly, Kajabi lets you create your own webinar where you can do it alone or be the host and invite someone else to your webinar as well.

There is an option on Kajabi for hosting “Zoom Webinar OVO” which means that you are doing the webinar on the Zoom platform which is what most of us are using right now for our online meetings as well.

The best part is that if you are going to do a webinar, Kajabi will automatically create a registration, confirmation, and other required pages as well as send follow up emails and reminders to make sure people know about the webinar.

Kajabi Customer Support Review

Great customer support is needed on every platform and while some platforms lack a customer support team that can respond on time, others have this feature locked in meaning that you will get help as soon as you require it.

There is a 24/7 customer support and live chat facility available on Kajabi and it really works. They have a dedicated team of customer support executives who know what they are saying and help clients out in every which way possible.

Kajabi also has a program called Hero University where it shows the users how they can create and sell their first $1000 course online and they provide free training for creating the course and starting marketing for the same.

Kajabi Pricing

Now comes the part where we know that customers are gained and customers are lost which is about the price that you need to pay to use the platform.

Because we know that while all the features a platform is offering are great but if the pricing is way above the limit then you have to think about the price to performance and then decide on the way forward.

It is worth noting that there are three plans that Kajabi offers for its customers and all of them offer unlimited bandwidth, unlimited video hosting via Wistia as well as 0% transaction fees.

Talking about the actual pricing, the base plan from Kajabi which is called the “Basic Plan” starts at $149 per month. In this plan, you will be able to create 3 products and 3 sales pipelines.

Next, we have the “Growth Plan” which will cost you $199 per month and let you create more products and more sales pipelines along with more members on your site too.

Then we have the top-tier plan from Kajabi known as the “Pro Plan” that will cost you $399 per month and this will let you create even more products and sales pipelines compared to Basic and Growth plans.

One thing to note is the Kajabi Basic Plan does not offer you two features which are Affiliate Marketing and Automations so if you need them then you either need to go for the Growth Plan or the Pro Plan as per your budget.

For those who are not sure if they would want to spend that much on Kajabi, the company offers you a trial period of 14 days where you can use all of the platform’s features and see if it is worth spending that amount of money.

While the pricing of Kajabi might look steep, it is not when compared to similar platforms with as many features so we think that spending this amount on Kajabi is totally worth it.

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