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Product Information Management (PIM) adds tremendous value to your eCommerce business: Jake Athey

Product description, social media content, images, videos, specs – all shape your brand perception! With multiple people responsible for communication, everyone must have a single source of truth. Team eCommerce Next interviewed Jake Athey, VP of Marketing and Customer Experience at Widen Enterprise to understand the importance of PIM and DAM for eCommerce businesses.

About Jake Athey

As VP of Marketing at Widen Enterprises, Jake Athey has worked with several popular marketing technologies, including customer relationship management (CRM), campaign management, digital asset management (DAM), email marketing, blogging, and social media management platforms. His experience in multiple projects with public relations, product and sales teams has made him deeply interested in making organizations explore DAM to ease their content marketer’s life immensely. He feels DAM can not only strengthen brand consistency, it also adds value to core marketing strategies and increases return on marketing investments.

About Widen Enterprises

Widen’s digital asset management software supports marketing, sales, and technology teams. It’s delivered with helpful service and a winning strategy.

About Digital Icons from eCommerce Next:

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