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Interview With Emanuela Delgado of Red Lightning Group

Interview With Emanuela Delgado, Senior Group Vice President of the Revolution, Parts Town’s Red Lightning Group 

What is PartPredictor and what sets it apart from other ecommerce tools available in the industry? 

PartPredictor is a first-of-its-kind tool for the commercial foodservice industry that allows techs to enter the equipment issue, brand and model to find and identify the right OEM parts needed to fix equipment faster than ever. The artificial intelligence (AI)-backed solution allows customers to leverage the power of real-world data from millions of successful technician repairs to find the right parts faster by accurately predicting the most frequently used parts for specific equipment issues, increasing first-time fix rates. 

Can you elaborate on how PartPredictor’s recommendations are based on real-world data? 

PartPredictor’s unique approach provides recommendations that are based on millions of actual service calls where industry-leading technicians successfully resolved similar issues on identical equipment. The results given to the customer are not theoretical, they’re based on real fixes in the field by other professionals. 

How does PartPredictor’s “Fix Rate” feature assist technicians? 

When using PartPredictor, each result will have an accompanying “Fix Rate” that indicates the percentage of successful repairs using a specific part. This insight allows technicians to choose the correct part(s) based on their diagnosis. The “Fix Rate” feature aims to help techs have the most commonly replaced parts on hand prior to going to the job. 

How does PartPredictor benefit technicians and service providers? 

PartPredictor empowers technicians and service providers by offering them unprecedented efficiency. When used proactively, it helps ensure that the right parts are stocked before leaving on a call, further increasing the likelihood of a first-time fix. For technicians and service providers, this means a decrease in time spent on each call, allowing technicians to see more customers each day. A higher success rate also leads to increased customer satisfaction, which is essential for customer retention and business growth. 

How will PartPredictor reduce overall equipment downtime for foodservice operators?

Technicians can use PartPredictor as a strategic tool to determine the parts they need for repairs before heading on-site, enabling them to stock their trucks ahead of time. Having the right part for the job as soon as possible is essential for service companies who aim to keep the downtime of customers’ equipment as low as possible. Using PartPredictor allows technicians to enter a service call as prepared as possible, getting operators back to business faster than ever.

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