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7 Reasons DAM And PIM Integration Is The Key To Your E-commerce Success in 2020.

There is no downplaying the place of Product Information Management (PIM) and Digital Asset Management (DAM) in the success of your E-commerce investment this year. The need for these two software solutions is presently on the rise.


Both DAM and PIM are data integration solutions that are foundational to the scaling up of your business; they are variants of the same kind. For E-commerce stores that depend on catalog production, DAM tools are the best, while for goods-producing e-commerce stores, a PIM solution will work best. Whichever your choice is, the following are reasons you should invest in these data management solutions now!

1. Achieve Brand Consistency

In the process of trying to be present across multiple online platforms, share your product data across various retail channels, you must not be divulging information that is giving customers a dual perception of your brand. Opinions are fickle and can easily get distorted by minor irregularities.

Create consistent product marketing content with PIM and DAM integration.

2. Improves Business Intelligence

Stay sensitive and in sync with trends around your customers with these software tools. The details about their online activities, searches, preferences, and clicks are the tools that brands like yours are using to provide relevant, user-tailored services and experiences to their customers. Rework a target messaging system that is individualistic and feeds on user-centered details.

As an online business, you cannot afford to offer experiences that suggest that you are not on top of your game. Seize every moment with timely, relevant, and efficient responses to customers’ inquiries.

3. Faster, Easier, and Efficient Marketing

Instead of relying on speculations and assumptions, PIM and DAM will guide your marketing decisions with accurate facts.

With these software solutions, marketing becomes more natural and accurate. You can serve each customer according to his preference, take calculated marketing steps, and strike while the rod is hot.

It is especially important for brands with numerous varieties. The more the products you offer, the more organized you need them to be, so each good is well analyzed and expressed, and there is easy access to information.

4. Real-time Data

Employing these data management software makes it easy to monitor every change in product consumption patterns. The tool provides real-time notification of stock levels every time there is a product purchase, online or offline. The announcement will give you room to make informed decisions based on accurate sales information.

5. Customer Personalization

Now in 2020, a mere online presence is not a good enough catch. In this day and age, customers are more inclined to the experience they get from doing business with you than the actual good they are out to buy. The customer personalization effect that PIM and DAM offers do not only uphold the fact that ‘customer is king.’ The software goes further to accentuate that ‘each customer is king,’ and this singular effect can help e-commerce brands to scale up their business tremendously.

Customers can confidently check up your store, knowing that you will always have something particularly for them.

6. A Happy Customer makes for a Healthy E-commerce Business

In today’s business parlance, getting customers is not as crucial as retaining customers. People are always moving around, exploring, and trying new things, seeking the unusual and most comfortable. No customer wants to carry out full-scale research for every purchase they need to make. Give your customers the best they can get without taking so much of their time and requiring too much stress, and you have made a happy customer.

Control over your SKUs from customer’s search experience to order placement, payment process, and delivery will improve your chances of having your customers return for more trade.

7. Time is of the Essence

Achieve more with less time. Cut out the time taken and the avoidable errors made during the double-entry of data.

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