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Top Digital Asset Management Tools To Try In 2020

What is your take on Digital Asset management tools, have you been getting corresponding value for the investment? Well, if no, then it must be the case that you are not using the right DAM tool for your company. There are several DAM options, but they do not all work alike, you have to find the one that suits the workings of your data type entirely to get the best result

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Four Top-list DAM Tools

Below is a list of top digital Asset management tools to try. Regardless of your industry or business type, you will find an option you can work with on this list.

  • Adobe Experience Manager (AEM)
    The AEM is one of the top-rated DAM tools. It designs and maintains websites for web and mobile platforms. It is particularly useful to marketers and IT specialists.The tool has an inbuilt system for integrating data for Email Marketing, e-commerce marketing platforms to aid brand promotion. It is also useful as a social media management tool. It has a large user base of both medium and large scale companies in major industries. Data managed by the AEM is highly searchable, especially with metadata, and shared across different online methods and devices. The itch with the DAM tool is that it doesn’t have a free trial version to help people have a hands-on feel of it before they go on to buy it.
  • Brandfolder DAM software
    Brandfolder is an all-encompassing data asset management platform. It is a well recognized digital asset management tool. It leverages data asset management in optimizing your brand management potential through consistent, organized, and efficient brand experiences.Brandfolder features intercom calls, phone calls, electronic mailing, and live chat support. Features like video editing, InDesign templating, and workflow management make for easy management.Brandfolder offers different pricing plans, with $45 being the least. Get quality at affordable rates: security, optimized search, multiple shareability, and much more.
  • Bynder DAM Tool
    Bynder is the third on the list of top digital asset management tools. Over 150,000 users use the tool. Its users range from business administrators, designers, and especially marketers from around the globe. Bynder tends to all kinds of data, including videos, pictures, audios, and text. It does not have a free trial version.
  • Libris Digital Asset Management Software
    Libris is a perfect fit for brands within the creative industry. The cloud-based DAM tool is highly secured and searchable. It uses a simple storage method where all data is uploaded to the same place and is uploaded automatically to the cloud.It does a quick job of sharing pictures, videos, and text data within the team and even to external sources. Libris enjoys usage by over a thousand medium-sized and large-sized top brands and organizations around the world. The DAM software offers a free 14-day trial plan to help buyers make informed buying decisions.

There is a long list of DAM software solutions from which to make choices. But with all of these listed DAM software, you are assured of quality storage, sharing, maintenance, and security of your digital assets.

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