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12 Best Open Source E-Commerce Platforms in 2024

Open-source E-Commerce platforms help the user to create a unique identity so that they can meet the needs of their customers.

These open-source E-Commerce platforms are widely used in today’s world because they are very easy to use and can be customized very easily as per the preferences and the goals of the business.

Almost all of the E-Commerce developers are using this open-source E-Commerce department because it is really customizable and is just a matter of a few clicks. This can be also indicated as the future of technology.

Although, open-source E-Commerce platforms require regular updates. You will also have to maintain these platforms very carefully. Sometimes the platform can also need plugins or extensions to make them work very smoothly.

The framework of these types of E-Commerce platforms is very easy to understand and to achieve excellence in. Anyone can easily excel in E-Commerce open-source platforms.

Many of the people are now working towards the open-source E-Commerce platforms. We have accumulated for you the 12 best options to consider while you are trying to develop an open-source E-Commerce platform to start your online retailing chain.

1.    WooCommerce


WooCommerce is one of the best PHP e-commerce platforms. This platform is also an extension of WordPress CMS made by Jigoshop.

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This e-commerce platform is widely used by customers. This is the reason why it has around 21% of the global market share. It is also said that the platform is very easy to use for all of people.

You can also very easily install the platform on your personal computer. Even if you are a beginner in this department you will be easily able to install the platform on your computer and you will be very glad to use it.

This platform can be developed on any PHP host. You can develop the platform within just a few seconds. Around 380,000 retailers are using the platform right now.

2.    Magento


Magento is also considered as the best PHP based open source E-Commerce platform among all of them which are present in the technology today.

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The platform is very flexible and has a wide range of features available. The platform can also improve the agility of your business. You will be able to get a personalized shopping experience on this platform.

A secured payment gateway is also present for all of the users. Although, you will require a certain set of skills to make your account on this platform. Beginners will face some struggle while using this.

3.    Bagisto


Bagisto is also not too far in the race of the best open-source E-Commerce platform. This e-commerce platform is running by PHP laravel framework. There are a lot of basic and also advanced features available on this platform.

This platform is highly acceptable for all of startups and entrepreneurs. You will be also able to make a multi-vendor marketplace by using this platform. There are a lot of SEO features available for the users in this platform.

This will be a great place for all of the sophisticated work. The newly initiated startups will have a great time using this platform.

4.    Drupal


Drupal is among the E-Commerce platform which is specifically designed for large-scale initiatives. It is one of the most high-performance E-Commerce platforms.

The security system of this E-Commerce platform is really good. The platform is always protecting users against any internet malicious activities.

The developer community which is present for the application is also very helpful and supportive for the new users. Beginners can never get 100% satisfaction from the application because it is quite complicated.

The users will have to take help from the Drupal commerce experts. Although, the commerce developers experts of Drupal are always ready to help the users so that they can excel their performance.

5.    Joomla


Joomla is also one of the most famous E-Commerce open source marketplace available for interested people. As per the reports, this E-Commerce platform has around 6% market share.

It is quite famous among the people and that is the reason for the market share percentage that it has. People are quite frequently using this E-Commerce platform. Originally this E-Commerce platform is a content management system.

This E-Commerce platform is highly popular among schools and individual E-Commerce stores. This E-Commerce platform is used by individual people. Joomla is currently hosting 700,000 E-Commerce platforms and has a wide range of developers available.

6.    Opencart


Opencart is the most popular PHP e-commerce shopping Cart and platform which is also free. The main advantage of the platform is that it is free for all of the users to use.

The interface of the software is really simple and easy to use. You can choose among a lot of methods of shipping that are available on the platform.

There are more than 8 shipping methods available. There are also more than 20 gateways present for payments. You will be able to easily customize your stores because it has 2500 plus attractive themes to choose from.

You can also build multiple stores. It also has a built-in SEO feature. You can also include your social media on the platform. A lot of extensions are available for the people. You will get reliable support and a vast community to showcase your problems.

7.    Prestashop


One of the most ideal E-Commerce platforms present is PrestaShop. It has all of the required features and functionalities necessary for the users. The interface of the application is very user friendly. You will get a ton load of features.

You will be also getting a page checkout option and also downloadable products. There is a feature present for cross-selling and one-page checkout. The application is a widely popular application used in almost 160 countries across the world.

Most importantly it is a very lightweight platform. It has the best performance and has a smooth functionality. You can also use a multi-store feature present on the platform. You will be also able to switch your language. Multi-currency is also supported on the platform.

The themes collection of the platform is pretty fantastic. Extensions and plugins present in the platform are quite expensive. There are more than 100000 community members for the application.

8.    OsCommerce


One of the first open-source e-commerce platforms was OsCommerce. The platform is still very intact and a lot of people are using it currently. The application currently has 13000 stores build through it by the users.

Even if the platform is quite old, the charm of the platform is still there. There are thousands of add-ons present for the people to choose from so that they can customize their store as per their preferences.

There are more than 280,000 users are available on the platform currently and it is still the widely used platform across the list of platforms available today.

The plugins present in the platform are mostly free. The platform has around 7000 plus features available to use. However, the platform is high maintenance. Some glitches and crashes are recorded by the users while using the platform.

9.    Zencart


Zencart is also among the most used PHP eCommerce open-source platform. The platform has more than 16 categories available for the users. The platform also consists of 1800 add-ons. The community for the platform is around 150k strong.

You can choose the different languages present on this platform. This platform is also totally free. You can also use the extensions without giving any money. The platform also supports unlimited products. There are no performance glitches recorded in the platform. It is a very secure platform.

However, the user interface of the platform is quite old-fashioned as compared to the new technology which is present today. Beginners will have quite a lot of time while using this platform. This platform is specifically for expert PHP developers.

10.    X-Cart


X-Cart was released in the year 2000 by the company called Creative Technologies. It was known as the very first PHP based E-Commerce platform. The platform is still doing its best to deliver the perfect results to the users. The platform is currently being used by 30,000 websites.

You will be also getting a lot of shipping options available while using this platform for your purposes. The platform also supports FedEx. You can also use Canada Post and Australia post while using this platform. Shipping is definitely not the problem with this platform.

A lot of payment modules are also present for the users. There is almost no chance of fraud. The customer service of the platform is really good. The response team is also working hard towards developing the best software for the users.

The platform is updated every now and then to suit the preferences of the users. The updates on the platform keep it very trendy and up-to-date. Technical support is always provided to each and every customer.

11.    Virtuemart


Virtuemart is easy to use E-Commerce systems available for both beginners and experts. It is originally the extension of the Joomla platform.

You will also be able to create custom fields while using this platform. Editing taxes and calculation rules are quite easy with this platform. There are different types of features available in this platform to make it very user-friendly.

You can easily search for what you are looking for. You can also easily list your products and organize them yourself. You can create a lot of categories and categorize your products accordingly. Product reviews are also available on this platform. People can easily leave ratings on this platform.

The order status will also be shown to you. You can also customize your shopping cart and checkout procedure. Certain plugins, components, modules, and templates are always available on this platform.

12.   Jigoshop


Jigoshop is mainly developed for small and medium startups. The platform was launched in the year 2011. The platform is most importantly free to use for any of the users.

The platform is also said to have a minimum codebase. You will easily have your online shop ready in just a few minutes with this platform. A wide range of payment gateways is present in this platform.

There are a lot of shipping tools. you will be able to manage your order very swiftly by using the platform because of the full order management system provided in it. The application has a great community for developers.

The application is very user friendly. The platform also provides good explanations for beginners. There are more than 30 themes available for the people to customize according to their preferences. The prices of the themes start from $35 only.

The most exciting and easy to use software for E-Commerce platforms is either WooCommerce or Magento. You can choose any of the platforms in between these two.

Although, all of the platforms which are mentioned in this list are best according to their own features and advantages. Before you dive into the actual E-Commerce platform you have to complete your own research.

Doing your own research is really important because that will help you to identify which type of e-commerce store you are really going for. There is a lot of fish in the sea but you have to make sure that you catch the one which suits you the most.

You can easily make your online store using any of the PHP open source e-commerce platforms mentioned above. You have to just keep in mind the different features and themes which are present in these platforms and choose the one that you want to rely on.

Most of these platforms have different types of features. There are also guides available for many of the platforms on the internet. You can rely on the developer community also to help you out with the setting up of your stores.

All of the applications have a wide range of developers community. You can also rely on the explanations given on the platforms. Mainly, open-source platforms are designed for beginners. You can easily make your online store even if you have no clue or experience.

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