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Magento plus Fulfillment: Top Warehouse Integration Solutions

If you own an online store then you already know how e-commerce is evolving. With the growing number of online stores catering to different product categories, consumers are increasingly ordering online.

Attractive packaging and timely shipping have become the cornerstone of a profitable online presence. But it also brings with it supply chain complexities as the sales orders rise.

To counter this challenge, many solution providers focus on optimizing the order management workflow. These solutions cater to several product and order management functions.

Review of order details, product list modifications in order, altering shipping/billing details, modifying customers’ info are some of the core functions of an order management workflow.

One of the market leaders in this category is Magento. It has been recently acquired by Adobe and launched a cloud version – Magento 2.

Magento 2 is a holistic omnichannel platform that provides a swift purchase experience to the customer. The omnichannel capabilities can be further enhanced to leverage the power of your omnichannel strategy.

What are the most important qualities to consider in a fulfilment centre?

According to Selery’s website, the two most important qualities that you should look for are:

– A scalable and robust warehouse management software (WMS) system that provides full visibility into your inventory and order history. This system should always provide quick and readily available communication.

Instant access to an actual, competent human support — not voicemail. You should be able to contact your fulfilment centre representative in real-time, 24/7, for immediate response, solutions and answers. A call back after 24 hours is not acceptable.

The customer executive should be adept in all areas of Magento integration and fulfilment services. Your brand’s reputation depends on an excellent support system regarding Magento fulfilment warehouse or you might end up making excuses to your customers.

1. Magespacex Order Fulfilment

Magespacex Order Fulfilment
Magespacex Order Fulfilment

Magespacex Order Fulfilment claims to completely resolve complexities arising high sales volume and messy shipments in 5 steps:

  1. Verify orders
  2. Check stock availability
  3. Pick items
  4. Pack items
  5. Delivery packages

Magespacex Order fulfilment allows multiple orders to be assigned to a batch. For a clearer process, users can add tags and related notes with the Order Fulfillment extension.

The orders can be filtered with a number of parameters such as ID, date, total value, status, recipient, batch, and tags. The module also allows printing documents, scanning items, and taking package photos. Email notifications for customers can be tweaked and automated.

The order fulfilment module comes with an elaborate dashboard with 5 chart types and 4 kinds of reports. Users have the flexibility to select a time range, print reports, as well as download them in multiple formats.

2. Thill Inc. Fulfilment services

Thill Inc. Fulfilment services
Thill Inc. Fulfilment services

According to Thill Inc., their fulfilment integration service makes Magento fulfilment fast, easy and efficient for the users and their customers by providing integrated order, inventory and shipment ceremony services. The Thill inc extension works with businesses of all sizes.

This Magento plus fulfilment extension seamlessly integrates through its “plug and play” fulfilment solution designed keeping users in mind. The prewritten APIs to connect inventory, orders and shipment confirmation enhances fulfilment capabilities.

Complete Integration Services enables managing and processing e-commerce orders from end-to-end.

Thill Inc extension offers:

  • Inventory Management: The inventory is perpetually synchronized up to the last minute. Real-time updates reduce overselling when stock values reach zero and enable selling inventory immediately after the warehouse receipt.
  • Order Fulfillment: The prewritten API’s (Application Program Interface) enables orders to be automatically inducted at daily intervals. Furthermore, it also offers the capability to handle special instruction, kitting and other service commands.
  • Order Management: Thill Inc offers complete order management capabilities. It includes back-order management, advance orders, re-ships, continuity and auto-ships, exchanges and complex transactions.
  • Order Confirmation: The module can automatically confirm the shipment back to Magento once the order is picked, packed and scanned. Each order confirmation is comprised of carrier tracking IDs and it can also trigger automated shipping confirmation emails to the consumer.
  • Specialized Warehouse Services: The module also offers gift wrap, kitting and assembly, configurable returns policy and management. Beyond this, it can use special packaging and customizable packing slips to ensure that brand image shines through.
  • Multi-Channel Support: The extension is equipped to combine orders from Magento and other platforms like Amazon, eBay, or different retail and wholesale channel partners. This creates a single view of inventory from a centralized order management platform for the customer.
  • Customer Service Support: The module lets the user reap the rewards of happier and more loyal customers through its ability to post returns, manage reships, credit and adjustments. This function is enabled by the on-site customer service department.
  • Dedicated IT Support Services: Thill Inc offers a dedicated IT analyst and an IT service department to its users.

3. Sprocket Fulfillment

Sprocket Fulfillment
Sprocket Fulfillment

According to Dan Cence, CEO of Sproket express, the extension works seamlessly with Magneto. It claims to have an easy to use distribution centre with the following features.

  • Works with all versions of Magento
  • Sprocket Express is fully automated
  • No subscription or membership fees
  • Easy to setup

Sprocket Express is completely automated. With significant resources devoted, it has created a robust Magento plus fulfilment integration. Sprocket’s reliable connection can transmit data in both directions and can be implemented for both new and existing shops.

The module can connect shops setup at distinct marketplaces such as Amazon, eBay et al.

Sprocket Express Magento Fulfillment Services allows:

  • Orders to be transmitted to their warehouse
  • Orders to be picked and packaged for shipping
  • Tracking of order information transmitted back to the user’s system
  • Automation of emails with shipping details to be sent to the customers
  • Updation of Inventory to sync with user’s system
  • Receipt of return requests and processing returns

In short, Sprocket Express in sync with Magento, allows users to manage every detail of your business within a single interface. The system sends shipping information directly to your customers.

This information is simultaneously transmitted to the users’ system to update status and inventory meaning that it is the best magento plus fulfilment solution you will need.

4. Selery Fulfilment

Selery Fulfilment
Selery Fulfilment

Selery promises to make life easy for its users by integrating everything for them. It is one of the top warehouse integration solutions out there and for a good reason too. Selery fulfilment is compatible with pre-built integrations for Shopify, Woo Commerce, Big Commerce, Amazon, Squarespace, Magento, eBay, Wal-mart, ShipStation, Shiphero, Etsy and more.

Unlike most fulfilment centres, who will require you to use their order management and inventory software, Selery allows the users to mix-and-match with the software and order management service that best suits their needs. It allows users to integrate custom APIs as well.

it allows warehousing of the products whenever and wherever the users want. Selery’s warehouse network can handle any amount of storage whether 5 or 50000 items. It provides a comprehensive solution built to support your storage and omnichannel fulfilment needs. And the user only pays for the space they use.

Selery promises same-day fulfilment with its module. The logistics are activated as soon as the order is placed – making sure the shipment is picked, packed, and shipped to the exact specifications. It allows for custom packaging requirements so the user can be sure that it’s their brand on the box.

The service offers virtual kitting, bundle packaging, subscription box kitting and shrink wrap. It also offers a retail-ready product and display builds. Furthermore, it has labelling, tamper seal labelling and ticketing features.

Thus, we have tried to mention the best warehouse integration solutions available right now. If you find any warehouse solutions that provide better magento plus fulfilment integrations then let us know in the comments down below.

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