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5 Best CRM software for E-commerce Businesses in 2024

CRM or Customer Relationship management is central to any business. Data usage, metrics, and customers’ behavior to prosper business and establish a mutual relationship with the customer base is significant to target and retarget customers.

Now, imagine doing all this manually, keeping a record of thousands of customers, their interests, likings, and whatnot!

This is neither feasible nor possible.

Hence, customer relationship management software comes into play.

What is CRM?

Customer relationship management software or CRM is an intelligently designed interface that connects the wide arenas of an enterprise such as sales, marketing, customer service, support, and organize collected data in a sorted and readable form.

The integration of CRMs with cloud and SaaS collects data that explains, understands, and analyzes the customer journey at every step. The collected data can be mapped with various factors to improvise business parameters. The software harbors data from recent, former and prospective customers.

CRMs can benefit any business, be it e-commerce, service-based, manufacturing-based. However, the recent wake of e-commerce businesses has established the importance of CRMs for this industry.

How CRM software has revamped the operation of e-commerce businesses?

Ecommerce businesses sell products online. As every product has a prospective market, businesses aim to reach the target audience’s maximum sector.

However, almost always, businesses struggle to stand to affirm in the e-commerce world. The reasons can be extensive competition, lack of customer understanding, inappropriate targeting of the product market, and many more.

To save the tremoring businesses, CRMs can be integrated to comprehend the target audience better.

The E-Commerce industry majorly runs on retargeting. For such a plan to succeed, customers’ behavior and interest in the product must be understood thoroughly. The CRM stores data of a vast user base which can then be leveraged to gain insights into user likings. This can boost sales, implement new product strategies, and can help in identifying the market’s nature.

Do your SWOT analysis via CRMs

SWOT analysis can make you cross the winning line soon. Let’s dive into it to know how this can foster business progress and elevation.


Know your strengths and make them robust—win over competitors. The strengths can be easily understood through CRM to comprehend market edifices.


To mitigate the product journey’s loopholes in the market, a careful examination of your weaknesses is a must. Thanks to CRMs data, these can be shortlisted and can be analyzed for future use.


You cannot survive with the present user base and stagnant position in the market. To prosper more, you ought to locate opportunities in the market. The data for perspective and recent customer data can propound some surprising facts about the market’s available opportunities.


It has been said, to win a battle, one needs to know threats more than comfort points.

Accurately! Comprehend the threats of the market. Are your customers vigorous or susceptible to product changes? Are your competitors changing some strategies?

Understand these all with the aid of data available on CRMs.

Things to consider while choosing CRM for e-commerce business

CRMs are not established every day. To integrate businesses with CRM, one needs to invest money and time. Once integrated, the CRM takes some days to few weeks to gather and coherently present data insights.

Therefore, to ignore future hassles, implement CRM for your e-commerce business for the long term. To get your CRM game right, always consider the following factors to choose CRM for your business.

  • Business goals

Your business goal can decide the type of CRM software you would need. The specific goal would help to analyze CRMs around some specific factors to implement and use analytics.

If the business is new and needs to locate the target audience, go for a CRM that calculates data for prospective audiences and can also, to some extent, forecast sales. However, if your business is established and you need to go well with remarketing, use CRM to aid in email marketing and campaign management.

  • Budget

This is one of the most important factors. There are immense CRMs available. Some provide limited features inexpensive packages and some provide lists of significant features in affordable packages for. Always map the need for features and budget to choose CRM wisely.

  • Technology

Go for the CRM developed with recent and updated tech. The updated tech will always perform better and will give better results.

  • Data gathering methods

Data gathering is not a hardened task in this new arena of tech and digitalization. One can easily gather data from a website form, social media poll, and paid ads. But what is rare to find is “efficient” data.

The “efficient” data is always relevant, scalable, and accurate as per present market trends. The CRM integrated should collect correct, relevant data with an appropriate form of data gathering methods. It should extend its reach to customer’s basic browsing patterns to establish a relation between need, interest, and buying patterns.

  • Process and interface

Sometimes, the CRM integration process is cumbersome and presents various limitations to usage understanding. The enterprise’s team would be working on CRMs to read and comprehend data, it should be friendly with a reasonable no. of professionals.

Top 5 CRMs for e-commerce businesses

  1. Zoho CRM

The most engaging and attractive feature of Zoho CRM is its ability to integrate live chat features on e-commerce sites. This increases customer satisfaction and troubleshoots problems then and there.

Apart from this, Zoho CRM presents some affordable and worth considering price packages.

  1. AmoCRM

This is a messenger-based sales CRM. AmoCRM integrates all social media or communication apps in one place, making it easier to interact and communicate with the customer base. This prospers customer relationships with a pragmatic approach by reducing human involvement. The active chatbot makes things easier and mitigates customer complaints.

Also, the easy interface with unique features of customization makes it a better player in the real world. The software has exciting pricing packages to meet the business of every size. The billing is generally done annually.

  1. Hubspot CRM

Hubspot uses a content-centered approach. This intersects with the need and demand for content in the real world. The system works well with inbound marketing and is designed with the idea of converting sales to traffic.

It is generally said to be one of the top three CRMs of the e-commerce world and is working well for various businesses’ sizes.

  1. OnContact

If you want to gather information on your customer’s recent purchase, plug into OnContact CRM. It can collect data on customer’s latest or recent product searches, which helps design search campaigns and marketing activities. This further elevates the accuracy of remarketing campaigns.

The system can segment customer profiles, thereby giving rough estimates for the audience of a specific product.

  1. vCita

This CRM works on a direct and traditional approach. It takes the advantages of landing pages and leads generation for gathering data. The integrated CTAs can elevate the CRMs efficiency.

The vCita collects information of massive user bases visited or interacted with your storefront. This can be used to go on board with future business plans.

Go For CRM

When it comes to customers, they are unpredictable. Based on various data parameters and carefully chosen factors, one can benefit from their browsing patterns and product interests.

This all can be done via CRM. CRMs allow organizations to serve customers better. The software harbors customer insight data, their journey throughout the sales funnel and helps identify bottlenecks and strengths.

Once integrated, CRMs can assist in designing long-term frameworks for businesses and can take business revenues higher to significant degrees.

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Alf Alferez
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