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5 Best Omnichannel plugins for Magento

The benefits of switching from a single-channel or multi-channel retailing model to omnichannel model are endless.

Both buyers and sellers are increasingly drawn towards the streamlined cohesion associated with selling across multiple integrated sales channels. When it comes to choosing which platform to go with, Magento is always a solid choice.

Perhaps the most well-known, most renowned platform, Magento Commerce ranks as one of the top enterprise eCommerce platforms on the market.

Magento Commerce boasts advanced customisation, a fantastic community and a massive 4600+ available third-party extensions and plugins.

5 Best Omnichannel plugins for Magento

In this article, we’re going to be looking at some of these plugins. Without further ado, let’s dive into some of the top omnichannel plugins for Magento.

Magento Commerce Order Management (MCOM)

Magento commerce order management
Magento commerce order management

Magento Commerce Order Management, or MCOM, is, without a doubt, one of the best omnichannel plugin solutions available for Magento.

This modular, cloud-based solution centralizes all aspects of its user’s inventory, order and fulfillment processes conveniently to the Magento backend.

Part of what makes Magento Commerce Order Management one of the best omnichannel plugin solutions for Magento is the simplicity and customisability it affords users regarding sourcing, processing and fulfilling orders.

MCOM’s item sourcing engine makes it easier to batch and source orders in real-time and its flexible fulfillment system offers warehouse, dropship and click and collect options (amongst others) to buyers.

At the same time, sellers enjoy an automated order fulfillment process divided into five simple steps; Verify, Prepare, Pick, Pack, Deliver.

Overall, the key difference between omnichannel and multichannel retailing is the level of personalization that comes with the omnichannel method. Your customers should know that your brand is consistent, credible and cohesive.

MCOM’s integrated order management system optimizes brand consistency by providing a more personalized experience for potential buyers with its built-in single customer view. Furthermore, MCOM improves customer service with advanced tracking, cancellations, and refunds/exchange.

MCOM can be installed and set up externally if needed and users are also offered one whole year of MCOM support, free of charge, with round-the-clock, unlimited and invaluable advice and assistance from the experts. In your search for the best omnichannel plugins for Magento, start with MCOM.

Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence
Business Intelligence

Omnichannel eCommerce software platforms such as Magento offer a holistic analytic database. This means that your entire brand’s analytics are in one convenient place. They allow you to analyse individual customer behaviours, such as the likelihood of them making a sale versus dropping out at the order phase.

Magento Commerce Business Intelligence (BI), is a cloud-based data management and visualisation plugin which takes the guesswork out of analytics. BI offers an integrated, centralised data pipeline/cloud-based warehouse technology for extensive management autonomy.

BI collects and merges data from the user’s base, extensions and third-party tools which allows them to harness their data in a way which provides valuable insights into customer trends and behaviours.

BI makes it easy to monitor business health and longevity across multiple sales channels, making it one of the best omnichannel plugin solutions available with Magento.

Customise and standardise your business metrics with one convenient report builder, extending the use of your export capabilities. Create stunning visualisations with dynamic scatter and bubble charts (x, y and z) and schedule and send analyses directly to your team’s inbox.

Magestore Magento POS

Magestore Magento POS
Magestore Magento POS

Maintain cohesiveness across your online and offline stores with Magestore Magento POS. This top omnichannel plugin for Magento allows users to run up to 200 POS at once, which means faster payment.

Connect all of your stores, suppliers and warehouses, and get real-time inventory updates with automated entry.

Furthermore, you can implement loyalty rewards programmes using this plugin. This system allows you to automatically reward customers at the point of sale, forging a truly personalised, efficient omnichannel experience for both buyer and seller.

Magestore Magento POS then simply allows customers to pay with their reward points, as well as multiple other commonly used gateways such as PayPal, credit card etc.

This means customers no longer face barriers to payment – they have no excuse not to complete the sale! As an added benefit of this plugin, checkout takes less than 10 seconds for the customer.

Simplify order fulfilment with Magestore Magento POS’s dropship service, allowing you to save money on fulfilment management.

Convert sales with ease with Magestore Magento POS with its smooth and intuitive UX and interface. Like BI, the user receives free 24/7 support and advice from expert developers for the first year of use.

Inventory Management

Magento Inventory Management
Magento Inventory Management

This indispensable omnichannel plugin for Magento allows users to track and manage inventory across multiple platforms, sales channels, devices and locations.

Magento Inventory Management ensures that all stock is exactly where it needs to be when it needs to be!

This plugin is purpose-built for retailers who are growing quickly, meaning progress will not be slowed down by warehouse and stock delays.

Sell more, sell quicker, all whilst lowering inventory and fulfilment costs. All inventory management is controlled from one, single-view inventory system.

Track your stock in real-time, accurately and efficiently, avoiding the costly customer service faux-pas of overselling. Inventory Management lets you know exactly when you need to reorder to ensure a seamless, automated routine.

Customise your inventory system to differentiate your brand and win over customers. This system is simple, reliable and cost-effective. Keep stock balanced, purchase at the right time and plan smarter with detailed, easy to comprehend reports.

Manage a single product catalogue across all channels, syncing up products, channels and inventories to eliminate errors, save time, and save money.

Manage tiered pricing and discounts effortlessly, enhance stock with Magento Barcode Managing and maximise profits with balanced stock levels.

Transfer inventory seamlessly and track Cost of Goods Sold (COGS) to measure the actual profit margin on your products. Grow profitably while eliminating wasted time and resources.

This plugin goes hand in hand with the Business Intelligence plugin – using these two tools, you can stay ahead of the curve and keep stock in proportion to customers’ ever-shifting demands.

Adobe Commerce Cloud

Adobe Commerce Cloud
Adobe Commerce Cloud

Adobe commerce cloud is a versatile tool built from the ground up to compliment Magento’s suite.

Some of the features that make it an industry-leading plugin are its mobile centricity – this uses existing browser capabilities to make a seamless, app-like experience for shoppers.

Commerce cloud can also link your Magento store directly to Amazon, making it easier than ever to sell your products on the worlds largest online marketplace, all managed from the familiarity of your own storefront.

Adobe Commerce Cloud also has integrated B2B Functionality. This allows you to deliver a premier class shopping experience to your customers by making use of real-time personalisation for each customer, as well as a suite of optimization tools to improve order value and conversion rates.

This article features five of the top omnichannel plugins for Magento, with Magento Commerce Order Management (MCOM) recommended above all others.

One of the major benefits of subscribing to a membership plan with Magento, over other eCommerce platforms, is the wide range of omnichannel plugins and extensions available to users.

Whatever stage your business is at, Magento is highly scalable, and has a multitude of options available to build a bespoke, optimised sales solution.

Alf Alferez
Alf Alferez
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