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Dropified Review 2024: Best dropshipping tool?

Dropshipping is a business that is in high demand among many people. The idea of dropshipping is always advisable, given the variety of options and the scopes of profit in it. Dropshipping is a highly safe because of its low-risk opportunity and ensures high profits. If you have the right dropshipping partner, then you are always in safe hands to grow your dropshipping business and expand your scaling opportunities. 

With 3.5 trillion US dollars sales in the domain of e-commerce coming in 2019, throughout the world, it is not a bad idea to give a start to your dropshipping ideas in 2021. With people preferring to stay home and stay safe, e-commerce is here to stay strong and get a huge boost in the diversion of business from offline sales to online sales.

Finding a proper supplier is one of the hardest things, as many drop shippers feel, but if you can find the right one, then you are all set for a good business. Dropified is one of the highly trusted and reliable partners while it comes to dropshipping, which you can try. With highly impressive features, Dropified is something which you can try, without any doubt. In this detailed Review about Dropified, we will talk about how it strives to make your life easy in the field of dropshipping and compare it with other competitors in the market. 

What is Dropified?

Dropified in simple terms is a dropshipping application. It makes the life of dropshippers very easy as you can open the store in this application, connect with the suppliers of the products you are looking for and then source products so that you can sell. You can do all these without worrying about the inventory storing, shipping, and packaging as these all will be taken care of reliably by Dropified. You even do not need to pay any upfront fees for the inventory; therefore, initially, you can focus on suppliers of the products, and source the products properly.

How Does Dropified Work?

Dropified claims that it can save 20 hours in a single week for the customers, with its technologically advanced facility. For having this facility, you just need to have an e-commerce store and open an account in Dropified. That’s it, and you are ready to explore the opportunities provided to you by Dropified. Dropified integrates Woocommerce, CommerceHQ, gearbubblePRO, and the highly famous Shopify. The integration is also very smooth and easy as Dropified combines with any one of them in as less as 3 minutes to give you the desired results.

Opening the store in Dropified is very easy. You can easily browse, pick, and import the products you are looking for, without any hurdles. Dropified works with many shipping services, which includes Aliexpress. Once your product is imported from Aliexpress, you can view it in the inventory list along with the images of the products and other related pieces of information. You can start to select and sell the products once you feel that you are satisfied. This method makes Dropified look very smooth and easy to access.

After you are done with your part, Dropified helps you significantly in the steps ahead. As soon as the customer places an order, Dropified places the order with your supplier. The supplier then sends the product to your customers. Your customer will get the bill and all the information directly to their email, while you sit and count the money you earned. Fulfilling the orders of your customers and dealing with them could have been a nightmare but not with Dropified. It ensures that you and your customers get their desired results with just one click mechanism. Just press the button and let Dropified do the rest of the work for you. This system can easily make you tension free.

How Does Shopify Work with Dropified?

Shopify is one of the famous and most used e-commerce supporting website. It is very popular for its features and reliability. With this leading e-commerce platform, you can always be sure that you can have a good run in the world of an e-commerce business. It works pretty smoothly with Dropified. The integration is very seamless, and it just takes two minutes for you to integrate Shopify with Dropified.

You can see the stores page in the dashboard of Dropified, just click on it. Just click on the add store button, and you will need to add myshopify.com version of your e-commerce website, not the custom domain name. You can easily find that in your Shopify admin page. After adding that URL, just hit the add button in the add store section, and you are ready to go.

So, you have literally nothing to worry about while you are integrating Shopify with Dropified.

Dropified Features

Dropified has many features which are needed to be discussed elaborately. Dropified is well recognized in the market of e-commerce due to its accomplished features. A few of its features are being mentioned here:

AliExpress and US-based suppliers

Dropified is connected to many reputed suppliers and technologically integrates easily and seamlessly with them for seamless buying and selling of the products. A few of the reliable suppliers with which Dropified is connected includes AliExpress from China which worldwide famous for high quality supplying of products and, eBay, Amazon, Costco and many more reliable suppliers of products from the U.S. With over 100 suppliers available in the directory of Dropified, and it had never been so easy for you to start your e-commerce business with a variety of high-quality options available to you.

Dropified Chrome Extension

Dropified has tried to tick all the boxes to satisfy you as its customer. It has done every small thing to be relevant in the market of an e-commerce business. Dropified’s one such work is to have a chrome extension, to make your life easy and smooth. You can just log in and look to add products anywhere and anytime with just the help of the Chrome extension. Are you in a busy meeting? Just hit the button present in the chrome extension and you are ready to do your e-commerce business. This feature is very helpful for any e-commerce business aspirant.

Product image customization on Dropified

They say images play a huge role while convincing your customers because an image says a thousand words. Therefore with easy upload and extensive editing tools and options inside the app, Dropified deals with it as perfectly as you want. You can even pick and delete images as you want without any restrictions from Dropified. With high-quality images, you can easily focus on attracting your customers to buy products from your store, while Dropified holds your back to support you in every step of your e-commerce journey.

Auto Product Price and Availability Sync

Dropified saves you from problems. This feature is one proof of that. With auto product price, it ensures that when your supplier increases the price, you are not facing any loss by the orders of your customers with this highly appreciable facility. With availability sync, it ensures that you do not accidentally sell the product, which is out of the stuck with your supplier. Dropified makes sure that you do not suffer from embarrassment with its availability sync feature. So, it keeps you updating about everything so that you stay updated and play well in the e-commerce market.

Easy automatic profit margins

Selling a couple of products and setting its profit margin and pricing might be easy, but it is not that easy when you are selling a bulk amount of products. If you feed the information related to the margin in the Dropified app, it takes care of the rest for you. Selling in bulk becomes easy by using this app. Just set the customized profit margins in the information and setting, and you are ready to go. Dropified, with its mesmerizing features, ensures that you like it for the technological advancements it provides you.

Seamless integration with Zapier

Zapier is a hugely important app for the business person. Dropified integrates with Zapier with ease. Zapier provides business persons with opportunities to connect with business apps, software, and tools to make day to day life easy for you. It helps you to automate your business and handle accounting with ease while you explore options to earn profits seamlessly. This app helps you to save your time and money while it comes to calculate and pay your tax. This app integration makes Dropified one of the go-to options for you without any doubt.

ePacket, shipping, and returns

Dropified never makes you feel helpless. With the packets system, Dropified helps the process of speeding the profit earning method for you. This method ensures that you can satisfy your customers with ease. For shipping, Dropified with the help of the suppliers ensures that your customer has nothing to worry with regards to shipping. Returns can be a hurdle for you with respect to the supplier, but with Dropified, you can set up your return policy to give clarity to your customers. This factor adds trust and reliability to your e-commerce stores among your customers with ease.

Dropified Pricing

Unlike many of its competitors and rivals, Dropified does not provide any free version, but it gives 14 days trial in two of its plans. Although it is expensive while compared to some of the big players in the market, it provides you really good options at an appreciable price.

The first one is the Builder Plan, which is priced at $47. It supports one store, 15000 products, 50 product boards, 1000 sales per month, five users along with all the standard and basic features like auto product price and available sync, chrome extension, scope to customize the product, and many more.

The second one is the Premier Plan, which is priced at $127. With this plan, you can have up to 5 stores, 50000 products, 250 product boards, 100000 sales per month, along with the US vendor filtering, zapier integration, and other main features available in Builder Plan too.

The third one is the Black Plan that costs $167, which is in beta launch, available to limited users with the availability of many tools for the users.

Although these plans look expensive with the profit, you are going to earn, and these are literally nothing. Even 14 days trial option is good enough for you to look at the functions and the features of the app before you commit yourself to use this app. Therefore Dropified is definitely worth a try, just because of its amazing features.

Dropified in Comparison to its Competitors:

Although Dropified has highly appreciable features but still a comparison is needed. Here we compare it with Oberlo and Importify.

 Oberlo vs. Dropified

Oberlo has an advantage over Dropified with its features and pricing options. It gives 30 days free trial. For starters, it has a free version which is free till you sell 500 products. With paid plans ranging between just 29.90 US dollars to 79.90 US dollars, it is absolutely a bargain while comparing to Dropified. So, honestly Oberlo has a huge advantage over Dropified in this field, for both starters and the experts.

Importify vs. Dropified

Importify has features and technologically advanced apps like Dropified. It also helps you to quickly have high selling products ideas from big suppliers to help you increase sales, unlike Dropified. When it comes to pricing, it is considerably cheaper than Dropified, with a starting plan starting at just 14.95 US dollars per month.

Is Dropified legit?

Pricing makes sure that Dropified is not for everyone, with the starting price having the ability to be highly steep for the beginners. It is for the people who have already established their e-commerce business, and are pretty stable. For starters, the best option can be Oberlo. Dropified is for the people who want to earn simply more money by doing dropshipping, without much to worry. So, if you want dive in to the world of dropshipping then Dropified is obviously one of the options for you, without a shade of doubt.

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