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Former Amazon employee claims company is ‘quiet firing’ people

We know that there is currently a huge wave of e-commerce companies going out of business but at the same time, we are seeing a massive resurgence of demand in the sector as well due to the holiday season that just went by and it is seen that the first month of year is usually slow because of the fact that people have already done their shopping during the holidays and they just want to get back to work. However, we also know that Amazon has traffic all year long which means that the company only has its peaks and some declines and it is not as if there is a downtime at the company.

One former Amazon employee, however, claims that his company is “quiet firing” people meaning that they are not told to leave the company but they are not given any work which is also a way to tell the employee that he is no longer needed. A report talks about how Justin Garrison was “quiet fired” at Amazon. The report mentions that “On September 1, Justin Garrison’s senior role and team at Amazon Web Services, Amazon’s cloud computing subsidiary, was eliminated”. Business Insider also verified his claims that “He wasn’t fired. He just no longer had a role. He’s still getting his regular paychecks”

The report adds that “For the past four months, Garrison has been stuck in limbo at Amazon, where his managers won’t let him go or assign him new work but instead tell him to look for another role internally or find a job somewhere else.” The report mentions that “Rather than conducting another round of mass firings that might spook shareholders or push workers out with pricey severance packages, Garrison and another Amazon employee told Business Insider they feel the company is trying to make employees’ lives miserable either by enforcing RTO or sticking them in a position that pays less or has a more junior title”. Justin Garrison has also written a blog post on his site where he titles this as “Amazon’s silent sacking” and it is quite an interesting read.

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