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AliExpress Appeal: Process and Handling in 2021

AliExpress Appeal process and handling

AliExpress is, without a doubt, the perfect solution for buyers, dropshipping, and a lot of other e-commerce purposes. It is one of the largest e-commerce platforms with millions of users visiting it day in and day out.  It can help a dropshipping entrepreneur’s business thrive with its huge catalog of products that they can sell at a profit. Almost every moving part of AliExpress and dropping works flawlessly until there’s an issue. Here, the Aliexpress Appeal process comes into the picture.

We are talking about how you might get your account frozen or get orders canceled due to several reasons. This usually happens when a retailer finds a large number of customers checking out and buying your products and could be suspicious. It is also one of the mechanisms that AliExpress run for buyers due to several reasons. AliExpress deems it necessary to close all orders and freeze the account upon suspicion. But hey, it isn’t that complicated to get the account unfrozen thanks to the AliExpress Appeal Process.

It is not rocket science, however, doing right will allow faster recovery of the account otherwise your business could take a hit. Here’s everything you need to know about how to deal with AliExpress Appeal Process and more.

Why does it happen?

Your account froze or all orders were closed on AliExpress. Why did it happen in the first place? You need to understand that with the rise of the internet, criminals don’t have to wander off at your property to break in and steal. They can break into your bank account and steal all the money without even leaving a trace. Even if traced, the recovery of the money is probably insufficient since they might have already transacted money to offshore accounts and whatnot.

If your business of AliExpress is booming, you’ll see a large number of customers checking out your products and buying, etc. However, there are instances when larger quantities could be suspicious and if the systems at AliExpress detect any suspicious activities, it freezes the accounts and closes all your orders to prevent you from getting robbed digitally. Also, this measure is taken to avoid any malicious person from obtaining your data, and so on. 

How Does AliExpress Appeal Process Work?

Note that you should opt-in for AliExpress Appeal Process quickly once the platform freezes your account to avoid delays. There’s no rocket science here but here’s a well-organized and information procedure that you can follow to avoid any issues in-between.

First of all, you need to go through the AliExpress Appeal Process. You need to keep some of the documents handy such as listed below.

  • A photo of your credit card with all numbers covered except the last four digits.
  • A photo of your identity card or driver’s license or passport with all sensitive information covered.
  • A copy of a bank statement for the last 3 months again with all sensitive information covered.

You need to upload all these scanned documents onto the AliExpress Appeal Process for verification purposes. You can check the status of the appeal made which will be ‘pending review’ currently. Next up, it is recommended to use the Live Chat feature on AliExpress to talk to the representatives informing them that you are a “dropshipping entrepreneur” or its “urgent” that will speed up the process for sure. 

Note that you might end up getting your account deactivated due to XYZ reasons. If that is so, you can submit all the documents in an attempt to reactivate your account and hopefully, it will work. 

How Long does it take for Appeal to conclude?

According to AliExpress, it takes between 2 and 5 days on an average to review an appeal and provide the required resolution to it. The thing is, it varies from customers to customers with some getting their resolution in 24 hours while some would have to wait for almost a week to get their appeal resolved. Using Live Chat can speed up the process. On the other hand, if you leave it to AliExpress, it would take an average of 2 to 5 days for the appeal to be resolved at large.

How to Deal with AliExpress Appeal Process?

The procedure to deal with the appeal process is straightforward. Here’s how you can do it about.

Step 01: Log in to your AliExpress account.

Step 02: Proceed to “My Orders” where all the orders will be listed. Check out the ‘warning sign’ just under the red-colored horizontal navigation tab. If there’s an appeal, click on “View Appeal”.

Step 03: A list of all the appeals will appear where you can check out which are pending. Those that are pending will have a red-colored button “Want to Appeal” so click on it.

Step 04: Next up, you need to enter all the details and upload all the documents as per the form available on the screen.

Step 05: Finally, hit the “Submit” button and now you can wait until the review is done.

AliExpress “System is Busy” Error

When processing the documents in any appeal, users may get the “System is Busy” error which is triggered due to several reasons. Some users have reported this error when uploading video evidence while some have reported it while uploading photo evidence exceeding the 3MB size limit.

To avoid it, fill out the form, upload the documents, and submit them. If you have any video evidence or photo evidence exceeding the size limit, go to the created ‘dispute’ and upload the evidence there. Note that you can still talk to Live Chat support to get the ball rolling. 

How To Avoid Getting Your Account/Orders Closed?

Well, there’s no sure shot method that drop shippers can use to fix the frequent issues with the AliExpress Appeal Process. But hey, there are a few ways that ensure minimizing how many times a drop shipper gets his/her account or order closed. 

Tip 1: Avoid VPNs/Proxies

Yep, that’s something drop shippers and users should avoid. VPNs and Proxies mask user’s location and IP address among other details 

Tip 2: Do not change your IP Address

You access AliExpress from, say a computer with an IP address “”. Whenever someone tries to access their account from different devices with varying IP addresses, it could raise suspicion and that is one of the reasons why AliExpress might freeze the account or cancel orders.

It is one of the reasons and there’s a simple way to prevent this issue and the following “how to deal with AliExpress Appeal process” that you might search on the web. The answer is simple; use a single IP address at all times to avoid this issue in the first place.

Tip 3: Do not change account details often

The easiest way to avoid getting an account or order closed is to avoid changing the account details often. Many times, users can change their account details ranging from name to address and other details. This can cause the account to freeze or orders to close in an attempt to prevent fraud on AliExpress. 

Tip 4: Keep a tab on declined transactions 

Users can utilize credit cards to process payments. Although all the payments can get through, one might end up being declined from the credit card issuing bank. This could act as a reason triggering orders to close or accounts to freeze. Thus, resolving issues with declined transactions and taking all steps to avoid it is the best way to get rid of such an issue in the first place. 

Note that even after abiding by the aforementioned tips, it is possible that your account might go under review and closed thereafter. It is a huge probability and if this happens, there’s no need to worry since you can always appeal and get your account back online. 

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Reasons why your AliExpress order might be closed?

There are a few reasons why your AliExpress orders might be closed. 

Reason 1: CreditAliPay

Talking specifically about orders getting closed, it could be due to pending verification from AliPay or if there are any discrepancies regarding your identity. Providing all the required documents and notifying them that you are a drop shipper can speed up the appeal process as well.

Reason 2: Verify Credit Card

Sooner or later, AliExpress tends to pull off life support by closing orders to verify credit cards if payments are made using it frequently. In such cases, verifying the credit card by submitting the required documents – Photos of credit card, bank statement, and ID – can resolve the matter in a couple of days depending upon the nature of the case. 

For this, a drop shipper has to go through the ‘My Orders’ page and proceed to ‘My Appeal’ where they can submit their appeal with the said documents. Next up, it’s just about waiting until the review is done and AliExpress updates the status of the appeal. Same with any other type of issue, talking to the Live Chat support can speed up the process.

Reason 3: Account Closed due to Customer’s Name 

Yep, that’s a thing. Here, the problem is that AliExpress might flag certain (customer) names and any order shipped through with flagged names could cause the order to close abruptly. There’s no easy way to fix this issue although editing the flagged names before shipping might help let the order go through well. 


AliExpress works on an efficient system wherein buyers, vendors, sellers, drop shippers and all others can report if they have any complaints or disputes that the e-commerce platform prioritizes to resolve. The best way to stay clear of any disputes is to talk to other parties with respect and get your problems resolved. This will ensure a smooth ride ahead. Hope this article does come handy towards the AliExpress Appeal Process providing ways to resolve any red flags on the accounts/orders at any circumstances.

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I am passionate about technology and writing. I have 10+ years of experience in working with different digital media companies. If you have an interesting story, please feel free to send a mail to [email protected]