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Analysts say advertisers should figure out their online strategy post COVID ‘in a hurry’

We have seen that the world is changing at a rapid rate and no better example can be given of this then the Coronavirus outbreak. We were literally welcoming the new year a few months back and poised to have a positive 2020 when the things took a turn for the worst and now everyone is sitting at their homes for the last two months with not much work to do and a recession just around the corner once everything starts. This also means that the marketing people who were doing their campaigns online and offline have stopped doing that for the fear of economic crisis and a cash crunch.

Now, things are slowly getting back to normal and people are returning to their jobs whereas e-commerce was already known to be doing well in this period and it will also be back when it comes to non-essential item deliveries. However, there is only one problem here is which is the way in which advertisers will have to do their campaigns once again in this post-COVID-19 era where things are definitely not normal.

As far as analysts are concerned, it is known that their job is to perform analysis on the impact caused on different sectors of the world and its economic impact and they have done so on the advertising industry as well. Analysts have now said that “Following the onset of Covid-19, it has not been surprising to see the strength in e-commerce, but what has caught us by greater surprise has been the boon (in) lower-priced media — particularly on Facebook — has been toward that acceleration,”

They add that “Table stakes are getting your online strategy right — yesterday. If you have not had a cohesive online e-commerce strategy, you better figure one out in a hurry,” because most believe that e-commerce is going to stay here from now on.

James Miller
James Miller
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