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Apple shifts focus to Product Push in 2022

Apple did profoundly better last year than its competition in terms of revenue collection. And the company is on track to do exceptionally well even in the new year of 2022. It plans to increase its customer engagement by launching new iPhones and Air Pods.

According to Bloomberg, Apple is likewise looking to strengthen its position in VR headsets. It will serve as a high-end niche product featuring 8k displays and eye-tracking technology to its consumers.

Even though 2021 was a golden, bright, and optimistic year for the revenue department, it couldn’t come up with new elements. It is one of the obvious reasons why Apple has decided to push products into the year 2022.

The tech behemoth will release new pick-up products, including iPad pro Macs and one of the best MacBook Air redesigns in the history of Apple. It has also envisioned creating havoc in the ever-developing market with the iPad Pro with wireless charger.

Apple will try to appeal to its potential buyers with an advanced 5G version of the iPhone SE and a new iPhone 14 range with a hole-punch-sized notch later in the fall. It will also bring in the latest featured Apple Watches, featuring the new SE, a series 8. This version is professionally and specially designed for sports enthusiasts.

According to a recent popular report, Apple will not take a break until it releases a new VR headset codenamed N301. However, there is no specific time limit for the same. Apple has knocked down this project before. Now it is finally set for the years 2020 and 2021.

To not lose its talents to competitors like Facebook parent Meta, the company has been giving luxurious and extensive bonuses to encourage skilled engineers. Meta hired around 100 engineers in the last few months from Apple. It has appealed to the company to take better care of its employees.


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