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Everyday was reportedly a Black Friday in April 2020 as per data

It is a fact that online retailers have been seeing a boom in shopping due to the Coronavirus crisis that has meant that everyone is confined inside their homes. This is also because the physical stores of offline retailers have been closed and they are also looking to start online sales of their products. Having said that, we are seeing an unprecedented surge in online shopping right now and a new report shows that this surge has been crazy. This new report regarding shopping during the Coronavirus shows that people have been shopping in April 2020 like it was the holiday season.

As per the report, there was a record number of sales last month and it has crossed the records set in 2019 holiday season as well. Also, it can be said that each day in April was a Black Friday because the sales we saw on a single day were seen every day last month. PriceSpider CEO said that “In the past few weeks, we’ve seen historic shifts across e-commerce, whether it be how much they’re buying, what they’re buying or where they’re buying it,”

It was also seen that May 3 was a historic day because the orders on this day alone were quite massive in comparison to all the other days during this pandemic which is still going on. This is also because May 3 was the last day before which “stay-at-home” orders were put in place by the US administration meaning that people are now not allowed to roam out other than for buying essential items.

However, the difference between Black Friday and these sales was that people were not looking for deals on products. Instead, they were buying essential items at a regular or even higher price to stock up on them. However, there is also a concern that the regular holiday season will not see as many sales due to recession and unemployment.

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