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Amazon reportedly suffered during COVID crisis due to delayed orders

It is important to note that we are currently living in unprecedented times which the world has not seen before in decades. There is a Coronavirus pandemic going around in the whole world and everyone is suffering from it in some way or the other. However, we know that the only thing that is running all over the world is e-commerce and delivery business that is thriving since people want to have essentials and products delivered which they can’t go out and buy. For this reason, it was predicted that Amazon being a mega brand in the e-commerce sector would dominate in this period.

Well, we have seen that the net worth of Jeff Bezos, as well as Amazon, have gone up considerably since the crisis started and people kept ordering online. However, we are also seeing reports now that Amazon did not have that great a run in the market as we initially expected. People were expecting Amazon to absolutely crush rivals because they have a great supply chain and delivery mechanisms. But that seems to have failed during this crisis as we got reports that the majority of people’s orders were getting delayed.

What this meant was that Amazon left the door open for its rivals to also take a fair share of advantage during this crisis in taking people’s orders and they did so quite well. Since Amazon users were getting delayed orders or even estimates, they would go to rival companies and see what their estimates where and if they were earlier then the rivals would be preferred since everyone wanted to get their packages as soon as possible. In normal conditions, however, that would not be the case since Amazon is known to be the fastest delivery service in the US due to its large fleet of delivery.

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