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Why Should Email Validation Be One Of The Top Priorities In eCommerce Marketing?

A robust email list is one of the main requirements in a marketing team. When it comes to business, customer acquisition and lead generation are crucial. Sometimes it can be tough to turn your prospects into buyers. Therefore, you need a strong email marketing strategy in situations like this.

Email validation is one of the most prominent things to consider, and it helps build a strong customer relationship and brings about engagement for business.

According to Forbes, scammers can send around 3.1 billion domain spoofing emails. To prevent the risk of fraud, it is highly crucial to opt for email validation. But, what is email validation? Let us find out.

What is email validation?

Email validation or verification refers to a process in which you try to determine the legitimacy of a particular email address. With the help of email validation, businesses can work on removing bots or fixing problems.

Initially, email marketing professionals believed that an email list’s size was important, but it was not. When it comes to successful email marketing, you must focus on generating high-quality leads. Therefore, you must not only have a strong email list, but you must have a genuine one.

Why do businesses need email validation?

As an eCommerce business, you must work on verifying your employees’ email addresses, which plays a vital role in preventing time and money wastage. Of course, when you are indulging in email marketing, you don’t want to send out emails to those who won’t even read them.

Here are some of the major reasons why your business needs to do email validation regularly:

1. Saves money

One of the main reasons businesses should focus on validating email addresses is to save money. When you validate the email, you will be able to remove bots or inactive ones. Therefore, you can focus on generating a solid lead.

When you validate your customers’ emails, you can target the right audience. Numerous online tools will help you validate your customers’ emails. In situations like this, you must research to determine which platform is the best for you.

2. Boosts return on investment

Email validation can help bring out a better return on investment. How? When you send emails to the verified ones, you can expect replies and sales. This will help in boosting your marketing campaign.

If you invest in your business, you can put them in the right place. However, when you are trying to boost return on investment, you need to understand how to build it. With the validation process, you can work on managing where the money is being spent. After all, you don’t want the money you put in to go to waste.

3. Saves time

Apart from saving money, email validation can also be of great help in saving time. Small businesses usually have a small email list to work on managing the data manually, and it is quite easy to manage a list of 30-40 email addresses.

Nonetheless, your email list will keep growing after a point in time. Your marketing efforts will likely grow 25% faster when you opt for single opt-in marketing. With the growth in your email address, it can be pretty tough to manage the routine.

Moreover, you will be paying for nothing when you have invalid email addresses. Furthermore, you will also be missing out on sales. When you opt for email validation, you can work on building a solid marketing plan, and this helps to save time.

4. Lower bounce rates

Invalid email addresses increase the risk of high bounce rates. When you automate the process of email marketing, if it hits an invalid address, it will bounce.

With the help of the email validation process, you can work on reducing hard bounces. This will help keep the bounce rates low while boosting your business’ reputation.

It is advisable to include an eCRM system with your email marketing techniques. This will help to check if the email address is valid or invalid.

5. Enhances your reputation

Every marketer or business owner wants to have a positive reputation in the market. None of it would be possible if the email marketing techniques were slow.

If you have investors on board, they want to see results. Not doing validation or verification can lead to poor results, which will bring down your reputation as a marketer.

On the other hand, when your email marketing receives a positive response, your reputation in the market will improve as well. When your brand has a positive impact, the number of sales in business will increase as well.

6. Boosts data insight and segmentation

Data insight and segmentation are incredibly crucial for email marketing. With improvements in email returns, business analytics will improve as well. Furthermore, you need to engage the email content to improve your customer base.

Data segmentation is highly crucial to understand what your business wants from you. With the help of email validation, you can segment your customers and eventually manage them online as well.


Email validation can help bring positive results in business, and it will play an essential role in increasing investment returns. Depending on your results, you should consider understanding what changes you can bring to your business. Email validation can help improve your reputation among customers, and therefore, companies must consider implementing the same at the earliest.


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