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YouTube tops the free streaming services as maximum Canadians voted it during COVID-19

YouTube has been one of the most visited free streaming services during the COVID-19 pandemic. At least 8 of 10 Canadians have been spending their time using streaming free streaming services.  Statistics Canada says that 46% of Canadians have elevated their usage of YouTube. Canadians have also increased the use of free information services and online education services since the lockdown due to the pandemic started.

The teenagers are crazier about online streaming. Almost 70% of young Canadians between the age-group of 15-34 paved the way by increasing their usage of online video streaming. Apart from this, above 41% of people told Statistics Canada that they have been spending more time on social media than usual during this pandemic. But only 3% have reported spending less time on them.

According to Statistics Canada, even 57% of young citizens of Canada are most likely to have increased their involvement in social media and messaging services. Senior citizens aging 60+, which is just 18% of the population, are least likely to do so. This increased time of Canadians also created an effect in the economic dimension. During this pandemic, people have also raised a toast on the financial structure of Canada.

At least 44% of Canadians told surveyors that they had spent more money on electronic gadgets during this time. The spending money on smartphones and spending time on streaming services has risen in parallel. Spending on smartphones rose to 40%, and on streaming services rose to 42%. The free streaming services have also offered delighting offers to their viewers, which also helped the purpose.

Ecommerce experts said, “These results are also reflecting in retail sales figures which show that retail ecommerce sales are up by almost 2/3rd year over year in July.” Besides, this increased time has also increased the possibility of experiencing cyber-security incidents. At least 42% of Canadians have faced a cyber-security incident like phishing attacks, malware, fraud, and hacked accounts.

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