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Amazon declared a logistics investment of $100M in Mexico

Amazon Inc has announced an investment of $100 million in logistics in Mexico. They are opening new warehouses in Mexico. They are establishing its first shipping centers in the Mexico suburban areas. Thus the populous city can get faster deliveries. Amazon has decided this logistics investment thrive their business throughout the southern USA. They chose Mexico so that during this pandemic, they can grow their ecommerce status a bit higher.

The newly chosen sites have two fulfillment centers designed by Amazon. One center is near the northern part of Monterrey, and the other one is near the central part of Guadalajara. Amazon also built a support building in the state of Mexico, outside Mexico City. The fulfillment centers are used to store customer’s products in Amazon warehouses. The support center is obviously for helping Amazon’s customers.

Amazon has also opened 12 delivery stations. Thus they make a total of 27 stations all over the country. Amazon officials said, “The constructions of a solid infrastructure network allow the company to stay closer than ever to clients, and thanks to that, it’s possible to offer fast deliveries.” The ecommerce survey data is saying that shopping sites like Amazon are climbing the top very fast during this pandemic situation.

Monterrey and Guadalajara are the two major metropolitan zones in the country after Mexico City. In the USA, Amazon is running five fulfillment centers, two supporting buildings, and two classification centers in Mexico. Amazon launched its market in Mexico in 2015. The logistics investment of $100M done by Amazon should bore fruit if the consumers of the Mexico area respond widely.

Amazon said that the new facilities established by them have an area of 742,710 square feet, and it creates 1500 direct and indirect jobs. Enrique Alfaro, the governor of Jalisco, said, “The new local warehouse will help more small and medium-sized businesses ship their product faster and inexpensively. Amazon is also trying to turn every stone to make inroads in Brazil, where it has opened its most recent and biggest fulfillment center.

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