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DMS chalks out ecommerce growth trends for advertisers

Digital Media Solutions. Inc. (DMS) is an innovative global solutions provider that provides digital performance advertising. DMS reveals important promotional strategies to ignite ecommerce growth during the holidays. While advertisers agree to give efforts on engagement and sales, DMS comes with a collection of insightful thoughts and strategies. DMS organized and made a collection of articles in the form of eBooks, which covers a variety of tips and strategies.

The eBooks published by DMS has- a) consumer behavior brands’ leverage to elevate ecommerce sales in 2020, b) How to evolve ecommerce advertising strategies to parallel with consumer demands, c) Preparation for 2020 holiday season during the COVID-19 pandemic, d) Influencing shopping trends to uphold ecommerce sales. DMS believes that this year the ecommerce growth trends may increase to a great percentage.

Executive vice president of DMS, Lily Trevisanut, said, “We believe the 2020 holiday season promises to be unlike any other, but in order to truly capitalize on this year’s opportunities, ecommerce brands cannot only rely on past strategies.” Ecommerce sales were elevated by 44% during the 2nd quarter compared to the previous year. This year is expected to end up with an overall rise of 32.4% in ecommerce sales.

DMS also incites advertisers to bond with their audiences by demonstrating how to understand what consumers want and need this year. Trevisanut also said that advertising must reflect the mindsets and sentiments of the consumers. She also added, “Brands must show that they understand how consumers are feeling, what they’re hoping for and what they’re missing.” DMS is extensively potent to identify current ecommerce growth trends accurately.

DMS leverages its proprietary first-party consumer data so that it can understand trends and changing patterns of customer values. It has a strong reputation for helping brands by identifying strategic digital advertising opportunities to connect with consumers. DMS constantly navigate changes in the marketplace and make recommendations and solutions accordingly, which are very effective.

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