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Xiaomi introduces a new way to buy products from e-commerce


One thing we have realized during this pandemic and lockdown situation is that we will have new innovations in the market that will be long-lasting and add to the value of things we already have. Take e-commerce for example, while we already had things such as the delivery of items as well as grocery shopping, we did not use it. Now with the pandemic situation, we know that e-commerce is also innovating and things such as scheduled delivery as well as appointments and slots are being given to customers.

Xiaomi, on the other hand, which is one of the biggest players in the smartphone industry has also had to make some changes to how it sells the products online. While e-commerce is one of the big ways in which the company sells its products, it is hard for them to deliver products as e-commerce deliveries have been stopped in many parts of the world. Therefore, Xiaomi has introduced something called Mi Commerce which is their take on a new way of e-commerce.

Basically, the idea here is to reduce the delivery time as well as the distance covered. In short, Xiaomi has said that it will take orders for the items via mediums such as WhatsApp and it will deliver the products to people’s doorsteps from their local Xiaomi shops. As you know, there are Xiaomi authorized stores and resellers in every part of the world such as the Apple Stores. So they will be able to take orders and deliver from the local stores in under an hour depending on the location within their own city.

This will not only reduce the burden on courier companies but we see this continuing even after the lockdown gets over because it is a good way to cut costs for the company as well.