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Alcohol-delivery service, Drizzly, launches Marijuana e-commerce store

We have seen that the lockdown has prompted everyone to think about what is really necessary for them and we are hearing a lot about essentials and non-essentials where non-essentials mean products and electronic items whereas essentials mean food and grocery as well as daily need equipment.

Now, we also know that there are needs apart from food for many people and that includes liquor since they are addicted or need it to forget stress. Therefore, we have seen that liquor stores have been opened and it is also seen that people are stocking up in the fear that the stores might be closed.

However, there is another need for people which is not talked about oftentimes. And this need is Marijuana deemed to be illegal in many states and countries around the world. Having said that, people do enjoy it a lot where it is legal and even though it is injurious to health, they don’t care. Now, we are no advocates here and we will stick to what we are trying to report here. It is that the liquor online delivery store Drizzly has now set up a new store online which aims to deliver Marijuana to people.

This new store is known as Lantern and is aiming to help the “cannabis industry for medical marijuana patients, many of whom have been relying on delivery services during the pandemic”. “We think we’re bringing a service to the medical cannabis patient community here in the Boston area that’s really needed right now,” says the company.

To understand Lantern, we have to see Drizzly because both of them work in the same way. Lantern, same as Drizzly, works as a liaison between customers and dispensaries. Lantern doesn’t touch the marijuana products and it just shows the customers the best ways to buy the products that they need.


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