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FedEx is hiring less despite surge in online shopping reveals report

While the world has been saying that the recession is near, we have been trying to find ways in which we can avoid the same. It is also seen that the governments around the world are trying to boost their economy in order to avoid the devastating effects that a recession might bring since many lives could be lost due to poverty and starvation.

However, we are seeing that the recession or a major economic slowdown is inevitable and it was witnessed since the trade war between the US and China was taking place. Now, the situation has become worse and we are going to witness the inevitable.

As part of this, we are seeing that almost all the major companies around the world are laying off employees since their business has stopped and we are not even talking about the smaller companies right now.

On the other hand, we will also see that the companies which are doing well right now will also have to layoff their employees. Companies such as Amazon, FedEx, and others that are said to be essential right now will also have to cut down on staffs. And one new report confirms the same regarding FedEx. It is said that FedEx is hiring lower than normal despite it having a surge in online orders.

Memphis-based FedEx listed 1,290 job openings on its website as of April 21, down from 3,400 job openings as of March 14. Despite this, FedEx claims on its website that “We’ve seen an increase in e-commerce orders and shipments — and we expect this to continue,” This is weird since, on one hand they are saying that the orders will increase and the on the other, we are seeing that they are hiring less. It is also said that FedEx is launching a new pension plan for its employees to

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