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What Sells Best on eBay? Top Selling Items in 2024

Are you new to the platform of eBay? Then knowing what sells best on eBay is going to help you in many ways. eBay is one of the best and top-setting eCommerce marketplaces in 2024, which deals with a myriad of products. Being a top-selling platform, it comes with all the necessary products that one might need. However, there are always ongoing competition among the products, which makes some of the products top-selling, and other ones not so prospective. However, knowing about the eBay best sellers can guide you properly about what to sell here to be a successful merchant and what not. Let’s have a look:

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Best Selling Items on eBay

Best Selling Items on eBay

The fourth-quarter report of eBay’s 2023 market says that the revenue it has earned was near about $ 2.9 billion, along with the GMV of $26.6 billion. It is worth investing and switching to selling the best things to sell on eBay as it makes it easier for you to reach out to more potential customers. The annual rate of active buyers has grown by 7% on eBay, which is now making 185 million active global buyers. On the other hand, the report also shows that over $215 million of revenue of the Promoted Listing has been delivered. Thus switching to popular items to sell on eBay is going to help you with a proper selling strategy to target more and more audiences on eBay.

Which Goods can You Easily Sell on eBay?

Which Goods can You Easily Sell on eBay

eBay works as a platform where you can sell a large number of products from various categories. Hence eBay becomes one of the most favorite shopping and selling sites for both buyers and sellers.

Before switching to popular items to sell on eBay, you need to know all the categories which are allowed for selling on eBay. Here are the product categories that you can seamlessly sell on eBay:

  • Clothing
  • Shoes
  • Accessories
  • Books
  • Business and Industrial
  • Motors
  • Dolls and bears
  • collectibles
  • Consumer electronics
  • Crafts
  • Pet supplies
  • Toys
  • Sporting goods
  • computers/tablets and other gadgets
  • Antique

Though there are plenty of categories, not all the products are turning out to be eBay best sellers.

What Sells Best on eBay?

The best thing to sell on eBay is the most crucial angle where you need to have your focus for targeting the selling market of 2023. Unlike the moderately selling items, switching to the eBay best sellers help you to grow your revenue in a much easier way.

Mobiles and Accessories

Among the best-selling items on eBay right now, the most popular gadgets like mobile and accessories are simply ruling the market. As technology is growing, newer models of gadgets are coming up with the latest features. Hence people nowadays are much more interested in changing their mobile phone models as they want to have the latest features in their mobile phones.

Thus the mobile and accessories are not only the best-selling ones but also the fastest-selling items on eBay. Looking at the statistics can help you to understand in a much easier way. According to the statistics, an average of 666 items are getting popularly sold as the following accessory category per listing:

  • 28000 unit of in-car iPhone holder are sold at an average
  • 55000 units of silicone case of iPhone have been sold
  • 65000 units of tempered glass screen protectors have been sold.

The most sold categories are cases, covers, Spigen, Mybat, Otterbox, Storm buy, and Apple, which are sold most in this category. The most sold categories or the best brands which are sold on eBay are Apple and Samsung.

Health and Beauty

Health and beauty are the daily essentials where customers usually spend on a regular basis. If you are thinking of what to sell on eBay, then the answer is definitely the health and beauty products. People tend to spend more of their money to find and buy a daily essential care product. Hence the products like Skincare products, dietary supplements, vitamins, perfume are the best-selling ones that are ruling the market. Also, makeup products, body and hair oils, moisturizing creams are the best things to sell on eBay currently.

There is an average of 88 products of vitamins and minerals as per the listing. The eBay best sellers brands are the GNC, Great Healthworks, Optimum Nutrition, Life Wantage, and Puritan’s Pride.

The products which are mostly sold in this category are the brand products like Omega XL Joint Pain relief tablets from the Great Helathworks. It has been sold in the 1140 unit with an average of $37 selling price.

There are many other best-selling items like the GNC Pro Performance Fitness pills, LifeVantage Protandim Nrf2, and the Great Healthworks Omega XL tablets are the eBay best sellers among this popular category.

People are rapidly sending on buying such products for the gift purpose and for self-use purpose. It doesn’t matter for whatever reason people are spending on it; this product category is recently topping the platform.

According to statistics, the health and beauty category has contributed to 15 products among the top sellers of eBay. Products like the razor blade, bio-oil maquillage mirror have managed to top the list. Especially the treatment of Moroccan oil has been one of the top-selling products. All total revenue of this category has exceeded the mark of $5 million.

Video Games

According to the listings, an average of 118 items is mostly sold in the listing of video games. The price is now ranging between $4.99 and $88, which is having the best price range of $25.23.

Video games and video consoles are one of the most popular items to sell on eBay, as most of the millennials are much inclined to try a new range of video games. From selling the video games with the latest AAA titles at a much-reduced cost or you want to sell away the older models of the retro consoles with classic titles, you can always get better buyers.

The recent best sellers for the video games are the Super Ninja Boy along with Final Fantasy 2. These games have been sold at the price of $2000 on the SNES. Another very costly participant in the market is the Super Mario Bros’ Asian, which got released on NES and has been sold at a price of $25000. You can opt for selling it to target the top-selling market and make your entry in this market.

Most of the common game controllers which are the best-sellers are- Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo. The XBOX ONE Controller by Microsoft is one of the best-selling items on eBay with its superb features and performance.

Tablets and Desktops

Just like the other gadgets, the computers or desktops and the tablets are one of the best-selling ones which are quite popular and perfect products to sell on eBay. Computers and tablets are necessities nowadays. With the selling of tablets and laptops, it is better to enter into the gadgets market of eBay, which is growing rapidly.

The fresh releases of the newer and large brands with more and more new features are making the buyers frock around the collections to buy the latest and intuitive models. Besides that, the scanners, printers, laptops, UPS are also among the best-selling categories that come with the selling rate of per listing with an average of 135. The popular brands are Apple, Asus, Samsung, Kpcaso, Ghia, etc.


Crafts are another best-selling category that comes with its much more prospering selling. The craft category is seeing its best of sales with its uniqueness and aristocracy in the charm, which attracts buyers more and more. The craft category is having the most selling categories like jewelry beads, stone beads, decoration supplies. According to the analysis of this listing for the beads, at least 433 items get sold as per the listing from the previous months. The price of the beads is currently ranging between the level of $ 0,71 to $69.99, which is having its average price near $ 2.04. The most popular brands in this category are Perfect Gifts, Crystal Beads, AD Beads, and Douvei.

According to the quantitative analysis, the best-selling items on eBay in this Bead category are the products like Natural Gemstone Round Spacer Loose Beads. At least 5663 units have been sold in the period of 30 days which is coming with an average selling price of $ 1.27. Also, it includes the crystal glass spacer beads along with the beads from many other manufacturers, which have made their appearance in the top-selling items on eBay.

On the other hand, the basis of best-selling items on eBay in this category is the natural gemstone Round Spacer beads that come with different packaging and have been sold at $4.86 with 1989 units. The larger quality beads of this quality are the best-selling ones.

Fashion and Clothing

The fashion category is always the best-selling one, irrespective of the season or festivity. Hence if you are thinking of making your entry to the eBay market, then the fashion and clothing category is definitely the most profitable one. The fashion category is the most searched one by all the users as the fashion trend keeps changing with the season and festivity. Hence the users are going to spend most of their money on buying the latest clothing trends. Thus going for selling the fashion items is the best way to get more revenue.

Currently, the best-selling clothing brands on eBay are Filson, Schott, The territory Ahead, Ermenegildo Zegna, Carhartt, etc. On the other hand, the best-selling brands for women’s clothing are Diane Von Furstenberg, Dale of Norway, FLAX, Eileen Fisher, etc., which presents the top-selling items on eBay.

Home and Garden

In eBay, the recent best-selling items are the home and garden products which the customers now like much. Hence selling items of these categories can easily benefit your revenues in a much prospective way. Buyers tend to buy more items like lamps, cushions, wall prints, plant pots which makes it worth selling such items.

On the other hand, recently, a set of Egyptian bed sheets are now among the top-selling items in the Home category. Sellers are recently making half and a million dollars in their revenue with its large sales of 40000 units in 2018. There are also other popular best-selling products are the LED light strips, generators that are gas-powered, Dirt Devil vacuum cleaner, which is found in the listing.

Other popular home decor items like tea tables, sofas, lighting are among the best seller ones on eBay, which are coming with an average selling price of $55. For the garden category, the items like barbeques, parasols, garden furniture are recently on the best-selling queue with an average sales price of $80.


The new-age users are much more inclined towards buying the gadgets which help them and empowers them to detect the health condition in a much progressive way. This helps everyone to keep track of the blood pressure, heart rate, footsteps, calories, etc.

Thus the marketplaces like eBay see much progress. Hence the market is seeing the best sellers with the products like wearable watches, fitness accessories, etc. Most of the products are sold between the range of $150-$300, which are dwelling bets in the market of eBay.

Home Essentials

Another best seller product of the eBay market is the home essential like the various fabrics, curtains, and sheets; the curtains are simply the great thing to sell as users tend to buy more products like sheets, curtains, and fabrics to decorate their homes. Those who have better designing experiences tend to flock around the home decor range and collections, which makes it currently the best-selling item on eBay.

Baby Essentials

The baby care products are also the best-selling items on eBay. The subcategories in the baby essentials are the toys for the baby developmental purpose having the search result range of the 39.8%. On the other hand, plush baby toys are having 8,8% of the search results.

At the same time, the baby safety and health monitoring assortments are having the 5.4% of the rate in the search results, which makes the baby essentials another best-selling in the market.  The best seller product, according to the best-selling listing, created in the last 12 months, is the baby tablet for 1-6-year-old.

Business and Industrial

The business and industrial products are many progressive categories on eBay and one of the best sellers. The healthcare lab and dental disposable face masks are having search results of 31.8%.

The material handling with the shipping and moving boxes are having search results of 4.8%. The disposable face masks are one of the top 100 best-ranked products on eBay listing, which are having many effective results in the market.


The rare signed and antique books have a very high value on eBay. You can sell horror books, the Harry Potter series, or even vegan cookbooks. All these make a very good listing. Also, manga comic books are very trendy, and you can try selling them as well. The books associated with Montessori-style teaching can attract a lot of customers as well.

Textbooks also prove to be very valuable on eBay. Many students look for textbooks on eBay. Also, vintage textbooks work fine. Manual instructions for appliances and cars can be sold as well.


At present, more and more people are into fitness to remain strong and fit and enjoy a healthy lifestyle with a well-shaped body. Also, the pandemic has increased the demand for fitness products. Thus, the fitness commodities such as yoga equipment are one of the best-selling products on eBay.

As per eBay, the top-selling fitness gear and equipment are aerobic steps, suspension trainers, and resistance loop bands. Being home fitness equipment, the customers can purchase them and perform the exercise in their home itself. Before selling fitness products, you will need to understand the impact of its technical specification, industry competition, and the service of the equipment.

Watches and jewelry

According to research, jewelry sales are going to hit a very high market value within the coming two years. In addition, watches and jewelry are lightweight and can be easily shipped compared to some of the electronics shipping restrictions. Therefore, they are the right products for selling on eBay.

Some of the winning products are wristband watches, fashion necklaces, pendants, and simple wristwatches. First, however, you need to make sure that you are offering an excellent design and put high-quality photos of the products on the platform.

Pet supplies

The pet-supply industry is skyrocketing. More than thousands of online stores are there that sell pet supplies on eBay and generate a fair amount of profit from such products. The consumers that consume the pet supplies vary, right from the adults to the children, every occupation and gender.

When it comes to pet supplies, the most necessary are the cat and dog supplies because these are the top-selling eBay products. It includes cat food, dog food, and cat tree.

Traveling products

One of the most selling products on eBay is traveling products. Besides, the number of travelers increased after the pandemic. So, it is the best time to sell the traveling items.

Luggage from brands like High Sierra, Samsonite, American Tourister, lodging items, and other accessories are in high demand on eBay.


Selling on eBay is always a better way to boost up your sales. But it is important to pick the best selling products which can boost the revenue in a much progressive way. eBay is a multi-product selling platform, but targeting the best-selling items on eBay is important for the easy boost of sales.

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