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8 Best Platforms To Buy, Sell And List Online Business

Online business is the new way of stretching yourself to become the next millionaire. We have seen a ton of entrepreneurs undertaking online businesses and making a ton of money. People are nowadays way too engrossed in buying online and selling online.

Entering the world of online business is although a very complicated job but once you have set your foot in one can overtake you. You just have to understand the different aspects related to online businesses and online platforms. People are nowadays able to buy, sell, and even list their online businesses very easily.

8 Best Platforms To Buy, Sell, And List Online Business

If you don’t want to take the risk of setting up your online business yourself then you can now buy businesses that are already started by the owners.

The technology has taken a very wide jump. There are marketplaces through which the people are able to buy online businesses.

If you buy an online business then you will be able to skip the beginning stages of building it. On the other hand, if you are a developer then you can develop the business and list it on sale. Let us understand the different aspects related to buying, selling, and listing of online businesses.

Buying An Online Business

If you are an already established businessman and you want to just test your hand in online businesses then you can do the least and buy an already developed online business. Online businesses are a good investment because of the rapid scale of development in the technology field.

These businesses are just like the digital version of a retail store. Online businesses are a great way through which you will be able to earn some really strong passive incomes. These types of businesses also do not require you to work on them for 24 x 7.

Mostly the online business is very low maintenance. You do not need to invest anything further than just buying the online business. A lot of platforms have been developed to buy online businesses according to the preference of the buyer.

If you are buying an online business then you will not have to do any developing plus the business will be already running. Buying an online business is just like eating a piece of cake. You will get an adequate amount of profits without any further investments.

Although, you will have to calculate any risk. Searching for the best online business to buy can also be a tiresome task. If you are buying an already developed business then you will also have a kind of less control on the business development choices.

You must make the tough decision of buying the right business with proper research including all of the choices and options.

Selling An Online Business

If you are a developer and you have developed a ton of online businesses then it must be the right time to sell one of them.

With the increase in online sales, people are actively looking for buying online E-Commerce platforms so that they can also try their hand in this department.

A lot of marketplaces have been developed particularly for selling online businesses. A lot of people are looking for opportunities so that they can buy pre-developed businesses and just invest more money to make passive income.

Even if you are not a developer and want to try your hand in selling online business then you can just buy an online business and further forward it for selling.

Many of the people are using this option and it is regarded as one of the best options to make some extra cash. Building a business from the base can be a very tough job. You can rather buy an online business and sell it by investing some of your own money.

In this way, you will be earning a lot of extra cash. This procedure will work best for the people who do not have enough cash for building a whole new platform.

If you are buying an online business to sell it further you need to take special care of the types of products and the nature of the business. The basic knowledge of the industry is a must in this procedure.

Listing An Online Business

Developing an online business is the most basic thing that you will have to do in this department. The real struggle for online businesses starts if you are not able to generate enough traffic and enough audience for your products.

To keep your online business running it is very important to have a large audience that is buying your product otherwise there is no use. If you are not able to drive traffic to your platform then it can result in a heavy loss for your business.

A lot of people start online businesses daily nowadays but only a few of them are able to generate traffic and audience.

Because of the ongoing competition, it is very difficult for people to sell their products easily. A lot of sites are available through which the people can list their business to gain more audience.

Marketplaces have been developed by authorities that list online businesses on their platforms. You can contact any of the marketplaces and pay them some commission to list your business on the platform.

The job of these marketplaces is just to rank businesses on their platform to drive more audience and traffic towards them. The most reliable method through which you can list your online business is by building a social media existence for it.

You can make the use of social media platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn. Social media is really helpful in driving traffic to any platform. You also have to monitor your listing on any platform regularly so that you can understand the patterns of the customer in relation to your E-Commerce platform.

If you are successful in building the audience on your social media platforms then you will have the ability to sell your products easily.

Best Platforms To Buy, Sell And List An Online Business

We have accumulated the list of marketplaces through which you will be able to buy, sell, and list your online businesses. You can use any of the marketplaces given below to buy or sell your online business very easily.

1. Shopify Exchange

Shopify Exchange Marketplace
Shopify Exchange Marketplace

Shopify Exchange is the latest marketplace through which you will be able to buy and sell online businesses. The platform has special access to businesses that are registered on Shopify.

By searching any online business on Shopify Exchange you will get the list of Shopify stores available for buying or selling. You can easily buy or sell Shopify stores by using this platform. You can also list your business for buying and selling.

This is the most highly recommended platform for the purpose of buying and selling an online business. You will be able to buy or sell through this platform for free.

2. Empire Flippers

Empire Flippers
Empire Flippers

Empire Flippers are one of the most personalized market places that you can use to buy or sell your online business. They also provide a step-by-step guide through which you will be able to sell your online business in just a few minutes.

They are experts in providing the easiest method to sell or buy your online business. If you are a buyer on this platform then you will be able to find the right online business. The platform will also arrange calls with buyers and sellers.

They provide a lot of ways through which the buyers and sellers can communicate with each other. They have a hundred percent accurate data about the businesses and provide you with reliable information.

3. FE International

FE International
FE International

FE International is the international platform through which people can easily sell or buy online businesses. They are a website broker and will directly work with the sellers and the buyers with no middle man.

You can easily buy or sell your business with no chance of fraudulent practices. They ensure that the seller is 100% original and is not a fraud. They take all the measures related to data security. They have around 94% of sales success rate.

People always get their best deals through this platform and are very happy with the working. They are well experienced with buying and selling big businesses also.

4. Flippa


Flippa is the first-ever market place through which the people were able to sell their website. Around 600000 users still use the platform so that they can buy websites. It is said that around 5,000 businesses are listed there every day.

People are quick to buy each and every website listed on the platform. People can also buy digital assets from the platform other than an online business.

The platform has a separate category of Shopify stores to choose from. You can also buy the Amazon FBA stores from the platform. The platform also has a separate secure payment gateway for the users.

5. SideProjectors

Side Projectors
Side Projectors

SideProjectors is the marketplace for the people who are not looking for buying a full-time business but just a small project.

The platform is well equipped with projects for fewer price points. You will be able to buy the projects and make them into a whole new business through your investments and time.

This platform is very good for the people who are still unsure of whether to buy an online business or not. The platform is just for connecting buyers and sellers. There is no payment gateway present on this platform.

6. QuietLight Brokerage

Quiet Light Brokerage
Quiet Light Brokerage

QuietLight Brokerage is the platform that is helping buyers and sellers to look out for profitable online businesses. The platform has a wide list of online businesses that are ready to get sold.

The sellers can also receive a free valuation from an experienced analyst of the industry.

The platform currently has a list of 29 businesses that are ready to get sold.

You can choose your preferred business from the list easily. The price range for the businesses which are present on the website starts at 99000 dollars.

7. Website Properties

Website Properties
Website Properties

Website Properties is the market place available to buy and sell online businesses for the last 20 years. Around 50 internet-based businesses have been sold in the last 20 years from the website.

The marketplace has around 25000 clients who regularly buy or sell their online businesses. The company has claimed that it has around 85% success rate. You can find around 22 businesses still present at the website for sales.

8. Digital Exits

Digital Exits
Digital Exits

Digital Exits is one of the most high-value companies that you can ever approach to buy or sell your online business. The company has a large team of experienced researchers who will find the best buyers or sellers for your online business platform.

The sellers who put their online business on sale in this marketplace get full support from the research team of the platform. The platform will help the sellers to manage the different aspects related to selling of their business.

How Do I Purchase An Online Store?

You can use various marketplaces to buy an online store. There are a lot of platforms available that are currently selling a lot of online businesses and small projects at very fewer prices.

You can use SideProjectors for buying small projects and developing your businesses. The best platform that you can use to buy an online store is Shopify Exchange.

A lot of people are now walking towards online business and this is the right time to invest your money in this trend. The success of online businesses is inevitable.

People are now looking forward to shopping from their respective houses rather than jogging around the market.

On top of that, we know that many people will be hesitant to buy online business thinking of frauds that can take place while dealing with people on the internet, rest assured that all the platforms mentioned above have the best of buyer protection and security measures put in place so that no one is duped of their hard-earned money.

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