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How to Get More Etsy Sales? Increase Sales on Etsy

It is crucial for sellers to always look for better and more effective ways to know how to get more Etsy sales? The platform is quite crucial to outperform if sellers are missing out on the effective strategies for it.

However, it is not so difficult to get into the system to boost your sales, as the regular updates on Etsy offer many useful insights to help the sellers. Hence using the smartest and important Etsy tips can approach a useful one to help you in many ways. Thus here are some of the important ways that can help you effectively to have a very healthy boost in your sales. Read on.

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What is Etsy?


Etsy works as an online marketplace for all the artists, crafters who sell handmade items, or collectors of vintage and other valuable products. It is one of the most lucrative shopping platforms for all the sellers who want to reach out to the sellers with their work and innovation through crafty ideas.

Hence Etsy serves as a great online shopping platform for those who work with the customer to customer or peer-to-peer online business model. You can easily sell your art. Jewelry, clothing, collectibles, and other decorative objects easily use this platform. Hence knowing all about the boost Etsy sales are a must-know matter for you.

Easy Tips to Increase Your Sales Effectively

Increase in Sales

To become a very successful Etsy seller, it is important to follow all the strategies which are going to drive more sales on your Etsy shop. Hence it is important to follow all the essential tips to drive more Etsy sales to your account.  Following are some of the ways by which you can increase your sales on Etsy to a great extent. Let us have a look at them:

1. Connect Your Shop with Your Social Media Accounts

Social media is undoubtedly one of the most important and crowded platforms in the modern world, which needs work as a great way to reach out to more and more people. One of the most creative tricks to increase Etsy sales is putting your shop handles on your social media profile. Also, you can add photos while creating a listing on your social media account.

Using social media in a much engaging way while targeting your loyal social media followers can help you much. At the same time, you can drive more traffic to your shop in this way which is going to make your shop more visible on Etsy. Here are some tips on how do you use social media to boost your sales:

  • Try engaging your visitors personally and try retaining them for boosting your traffic.
  • Come up with attractive and important announcements frequently to make your users follow you.
  • Create continents which are worth sharing which is going to reach out to the peoples who are potential buyers
  • You can run a much-focused giveaway campaign for maximizing the effectiveness of your shop and selling.

2. Use the Trick of Engaging Social Media with Coupon Codes

Buyers simply love the idea of coupons to get some bonus offer on their purchase. Hence you need to put your smartness in it to make people collect more coupon codes from you. You can ask your potential customers to share products on their social profiles or with their friends to earn more coupon codes. This is simply going to be a two-in-one idea for you. You are not only making your buyers this way but also you are increasing your reach to more customers who are going to help in increasing your brand’s awareness.

This is one of the most popular campaigning ideas on social media, which is rolling out successfully for most online sellers. You can alternatively use the coupon codes to ask your potential users to subscribe to your newsletter. You can easily make the coupon codes work only at a very minimum of the cart value. Using these tricks is going to help you to boost Etsy sales.

3. Opt for a Discount on Etsy for the Abandoned Shopping Carts

As someone goes to buy an item on Etsy and then they have a second thought. Hence they leave it on their cart. This is quite popular for all online shoppers. Not sure about other eCommerce platforms, but Etsy comes with a feature where you can send out your coupon codes for those persons who are about to leave their cart before finalizing their purchase.

This is a very excellent feature and works in a much effective way. Hence it is worth selling with the little discounts on the products left in the shopping cart. Whether it is a 10% or a 15% discount, it is surely going to give you a very nice response from your shoppers. As a discounted sale is always better than no sale, it is also going to impress your users, which is going to drive your conversion in a much positive way.

4. Keep Changing the Etsy Tags or Headline for the Item

To make your sale have a very healthy and easy boost, it is important to keep changing your Etsy tags and headlines quite often. In case any special occasion is coming, you can add the keyword to your item title for selling. Whether it is Christmas or Easter, or any other festivity, you can easily add the name of the festival on your tags or headline to make your products have a seasonal boost in sales.

Hence it is going to be a very effective way of thinking of how to boost sales on Etsy. Also, you can opt for other very eye-catching ways to rejuvenate your tags which are going to be much more attractive for your users.

5. Have a Better Practice on Your SEO

SEO is the most important way to boost your traffic to your Etsy. Many of the interested customers are surely going to come to the internet to search about the product they are finding. Thus it is important to stay updated with the SEO so that your Etsy shop can stay on visibility.

It is vital to make your Etsy shop highly SEO- optimized. Boosting the SEO through adding keywords and SEO-friendly continents is going to help your shop to have a very easy rank at the top of all the web searches.

While optimizing the SEO on your page, make sure you are considering everything that includes your business. From your business name to the product description and title, all are going to work in a much more effective way. While writing product details, try to cover all the aspects like size, color, shipping, use, conditions, etc. This is easily going to minimize the concerns for the customers, and you are going to have a very easy method to increase Etsy sales.

6. Focus on Blogging

No matter how unique your products are for your Etsy sales, there are always going to be some sellers who sell the same products. Thus it is important to make sure that your product is standing apart from all the other products available in the market. And you have to let your potential users know that your product is different in traits. Thus blogging is going to be a very effective way for promoting your products.

Starting a blog for sharing the essential information regarding your products is going to be an effective way to increase your visibility for your Etsy store. Also, it is very important to consider including all the details regarding your products while pairing them with relevant keywords and SEO. Also, you can write about pieces in which your customers are interested. This is going to help you to educate your potential users about your product and also it is going to deliver them useful knowledge.

7. Consider Researching on All the Successful Etsy Sellers

Though selling is unique and different for every seller. Hence you need to have very precise insight into the strategies of other Etsy sellers who are having impressive success stories. Not your usual business books are going to help you every time. It is all about going a bit on the field to collect practical experiences rather than knowing only the theoretical strategies.

Have a look at the shops that usually appear in the frequently searched results. Try to understand what they are doing to make their Etsy shop business right. Put your observation on the other Etsy shops and start opting for your research to apply their success tips to enhance your shop boost. Also, you can have many valuable ideas from podcasts, eBooks, blog articles, or other eCommerce platforms.

8. Create a Mailing List

Getting more sales on Etsy can be achieved in a much effective way through Emails. Though Email marketing is a very traditional way of boosting your sales, it is effective and still ruling the world of marketing. Hence sending email campaigns can help you keep your customers known about the new products you are launching. Also, it is one of the very lucrative ways of making your sellers aware of the changes or sales in your business which is going to make them rush to your shop if they find anything interesting and attractive.

Also, it is better to assist your customers in seeking feedback through email. This is not only going to be effective for you to maintain your brand awareness while making your appearance in your shopper’s inbox, but also it helps you to maintain a very healthy shopper and seller relationship. You can use email authentication systems to make the proper use of this system.

9. Consider Using Free-Shipping Bait

Buyers love free shipping! And it is a fact!  This is one of the most common practices that sellers adopt to increase their cart value. Decide your minimum order value to qualify for the free shipping. Also, you can come up with a price tag for your products where the free shipping is not going to create a loss on your profits.

Hence making free shipping available in an innovative way while saving your profits is going to be a very effective way for boosting your sales. According to studies, users prefer products with free shipping over those products that come up with a price. Therefore using free shipping to treat your customers is simply going to be a very effective way for getting more sales on Etsy.

While you opt for displaying any search term, the algorithm of Etsy considers free shipping to show results. When you pay for the cost of shipping, it easily reduces the pricing of your other competitors. Hence it is a great way to be promotional with your shop.

10. Focus on Making Your Return, Refund, and Shipping Policy Seamless

Users simply love to rely on a brand that offers them the most convenient way of shopping. So if you are thinking of how to make sales on Etsy more effective and progressive, then focusing on your refund, return, and shipping policy is going to be simply great. Hence go through the shipping policy and try to keep it crisp and easier.

Customers are simply going to love to have a very comfortable purchasing experience. Moreover, making the replace and refund policy easier is going to help you in building your trust with your customers, which is essential for growing your shop’s conversion and revenue in a much effective way.


So are you thinking of getting more sales on Etsy? Then it is not at all a tough task to do if you are ready to take all the essential measurements. Hence have a look at the above-mentioned Etsy tips, which are simply going to help you in better ways with the increased sales. Also, it is going to boost your traffic in your Etsy store, which is going to bring in lucrative growth in your business. At the same time, it is going to scale your business so that you can expand it globally and reach out to more people in a much effective selling process.

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