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How to sell on Etsy? 10 Best selling items on Etsy

For all those who have not heard of Etsy which is an e-commerce platform, let us take you down one exciting journey where you will not only learn about a new platform but also get to know how you can sell on Etsy as well as the top-selling items that can be sold on Etsy.

One thing you need to remember is that on Etsy, you will mostly find items that are custom-made, vintage, or stuff that has been handmade or personalized based on orders. This means it is a niche platform where people know what they are wanting to buy and sellers also need to understand who they are targetting.

Talking about selling on Etsy, you will have the first questions such as what to sell on Etsy or things to sell on Etsy. If you have figured out what to sell on Etsy, you will also have the question of whether it is worth investing your time and money to sell on Etsy because you can devote the same time on any other platform as well.

One thing we have understood is that on the point of whether it is worth selling on Etsy, let us tell you that it very well is if you are planning to run a small business that makes thousands of dollars per year on average with most of them as your profit.

However, if you are looking for a medium or large business then you might as well invest in warehouses and sell on platforms such as Amazon or others.

Why sell on Etsy?

While you think of expanding your business towards the online Market, Etsy comes to be the best one to make your business more effective. There is more than one reason why to sell on Etsy, which is definitely worth looking for. Here are the reasons:

It Comes with No Commitment

You literally do not have to commit to any kind of particular time frame for working in your Etsy shop. You can open an Etsy shop any day and list your product and post it for selling. Also, at any time, you can stop selling a particular product.

You Can Stop Any Time

In case you think that you are not able to continue with the shop due to your other commitments, you can simply stop at your shop at any time. You can abandon it for some time until you are feeling that you are ready to start selling again.

It is Easy to Keep Private

You can easily start a shop while maintaining your privacy and can also never tell anyone what you sell. Etsy lets you manage everything easily that you can actually sell your products without making any noise.

Easy to Keep Low Costs

If you want to start selling at a low cost for your products, then Etsy is the best platform ever. There is no need to pay for hosting or for a monthly fee to sell on Etsy.  Also, the paid shop option is not necessary for improving your search rankings.

It is very Simple to Manage

Etsy is undoubtedly very simple to manage. They offer a great number of tools with the platform for managing all your money and payments. You can easily use the stats tabs to give your shop a very clear stat to know from where all your traffic is coming from.

How to sell on Etsy in 2021?

How to sell on Etsy

The first question we all have when finding out about a new e-commerce platform is how to sell on that platform so it is obvious that you will be wondering how to sell on Etsy.

Basically, selling your products on Etsy is similar or even easier than selling on other e-commerce platforms. You just have to go to their website which is and then creates a new account.

After that, you can click on the Shop Manager and click on ‘Your shop’ if you are a new seller. Then add a new listing for whatever you need to sell on the platform and start selling to make money.

From the Etsy shop settings, you can set your preferences for how you want to sell your products. You need to select the language for describing your products. Also, you need to select the currency that your location accepts.

While selecting the shop name, make sure it is creative and perfectly reflects your brand. In case your name is synonymous with your products, it is going to be very effective for the customers to remember.

While listing your products, add clear and detailed photos with a minimum of 5 images that are taken from different angles. You need to adjust the thumbnails to make your product easy to find.  Proceed to complete your listing information. Use the 13 tags for each of the products. You need to enter your inventory quality and price to make you’re selling more effective. Also, do not forget to set the shipping fee for your country.

Add the payment methods which are convenient for you. Also, it is best to add different options to make things easier for your customers. Include billing information and then finish off with optimizing your shop. You can upload your profile with a very nice front to make it look very effective.

What to sell on Etsy?

Now that we have told you how to sell on Etsy and list your products for sale, the next obvious question would be what you can sell on Etsy. The question is also what sells on Etsy more if you are a new seller looking to offer a variety of products.

Don’t you worry as we have made the task extremely easy for you as we have sorted out the list of all the best-selling Etsy items as well as things to sell on Etsy? Here, you can also get to know which are the most popular items on Etsy as well as what sells the most on Etsy.

10 Best Selling items on Etsy? (Most Demanded Products on Etsy)

If you have seen how the e-commerce industry works, you would know that there are some things that people like to buy online and others that people prefer to buy offline. So we have made a list of 10 Best Selling items on Etsy that you can also offer to your audience.

1. Craft and Supplies

One of the first items that have always been on the best-selling lists on Etsy and is currently the best selling item on Etsy as per category is Craft and Supplies.

One thing to note is that we did mention Etsy being mostly about personalized items as well as items that are handmade. So it is obvious to see that the items selling most on Etsy are Craft and Supplies.

In the Craft and Supplies category, it is worth mentioning that crochet patterns, as well as knitting partners, are trending and selling very well.

Apart from that, people are buying yards of yarn so that they can keep themselves busy with their hooks and needles knitting sweaters, and whatnot.

2. Handmade Items

After Craft and Supplies, we also know that handmade wooden, as well as clay items, are also very popular on Etsy. Talking about handmade items, things that come to mind are wooden boxes as well as handmade invites and other things.

Now, we would like to inform you of a fact that wooden boxes are definitely items that sell well on Etsy. To add to that, hand-carved invitations, as well as pots and other items, can also be sold on the platform.

3. Jewelry

You would know that women love their jewelry and ornaments and we know that the best way to surprise a woman with gifts from their husbands or boyfriends or a brother gifting things to her sister would be jewelry.

It is also worth noting that while gold or platinum jewelry can be costly for many, you can buy stuff on Etsy that will be affordable as well as handmade which makes it more unique.

Talking about jewelry, you can sell items on Etsy such as rings, anklets, hair vines, necklaces as well as other types of ornaments. Well, we can tell you for a fact that your loved ones would love what you have bought for them and this tells you that people you are selling to will also like them.

4. Wedding

Wedding is something where people like to buy customized stuff or items that are personalized to them because we all know that weddings are special and you wouldn’t want to buy something that is generic.

Therefore, Etsy is the best way to sell wedding items because people are most likely to buy items from you as well as even personalize items according to their liking. Talking about the top-selling items on Etsy in the Wedding category, the products that have sold well have been stuff such as wedding bells as well as bouquets and corsages.

Also, Veils and hats with velvety purses have also been selling well. As you can see, these are items that are used commonly in weddings and you might not know how much people have been buying from Etsy.

5. Accessory

Next up is a common category of products that sell well on Etsy which are the Accessory category. For example, you would have seen that there are accessories for scarves as well as hats as well as hair accessories such as pins or clips and something like that.

Now, we can tell you these accessories do sell well on Etsy and that you can also start selling them on Etsy to become one of the bestsellers on the platform.

6. Paper and Party Supplies

Now that we have mentioned all the accessories as well as jewelry that sells well on Etsy, it is not to say that Etsy is a platform for selling such items only. Because the next items in our list are from the Paper and Party Supplies category.

This means that people from the office supplies category are also selling well on the platform and you can replicate the same as well. Talking about the paper and party supplies category, we are talking about selling items such as custom cards as well as paper straws along with personalized and elegant posters including other items.

7. Clothing

Another category that people are making money from on Etsy is the clothing category. We have seen that personalized as well as hand-made clothes have sold well in the past on Etsy and have continued to sell well right now too.

As far as the particular clothing is concerned, you can sell items on Etsy such as T-shirts, Trousers, Hobos, Swimwear, custom printed socks, and more clothing items that you think about.

The best part about selling on Etsy is that you can take orders based on your customers’ needs which is what people are also looking forward to.

One category you can target inside Clothing on Etsy is baby clothing products. For example, you can sell items that have the names of their babies on the clothes, which do sell very well on the platform.

8. Vintage

The vintage category is one of the most passionate categories on Etsy which will attract serious buyers who are nostalgic about some products and would want to buy them at any cost.

Talking about the vintage category, you can think of selling anything from old cameras as well as phones to things such as old coins, fossils, jeans, cutlery products from back in the day, and other vintage products.

9. Home & Living

You also have to keep in mind that since Etsy is a platform for selling handmade and personalized stuff and since people like to decorate their homes where they live, both of these interests collide to make a perfect recipe for sales.

Talking about sales, we know for a fact that home and living products sell well on Etsy and that people love to buy customized decoration items for their homes on Etsy.

In particular, items such as wall decorations as well as wallpapers along with candles and small furniture are being sold well on Etsy.

10. Art & Collectibles

Last but not the least, we have the Art & Collectibles category on Etsy to complete our list of Top 10 best-selling items on Etsy.

It is worth mentioning that Art on Etsy goes hand-in-hand because Art has to be personalized and customized and Etsy is the best platform to sell such stuff.

As you would expect, therefore, items such as paintings or prints, or figurines have sold very well on Etsy.

If you have the talent, you can sell paintings of people who have been made from photos of themselves along with figures you can create from clay or something permanent.

Now that we have mentioned how to sell on Etsy as well as what you can sell on Etsy along with a list of the Top 10 items that are selling well on Etsy, we do hope that we have covered all the things that are needed for you to succeed on Etsy.

One thing to keep in mind is that Etsy is a very price-conscious platform meaning that you have to set your price of the product correctly in order to sell well because if you price the items too high, your products might not sell well and if you price it lower, you can sell well but the profits might be lower.


Does Etsy charge transaction fees for selling products?

Yes, Etsy does charge transaction fees for selling products on the platform and we can inform you that these charges are 5% of the total item price. This also includes any shipping costs or wrapping costs for the customers meaning you don’t have to worry about the same.

Do you have to pay Etsy to list items on the platform?

Talking about listing items on Etsy, you do have to pay a small amount of fee for listing on the platform. The nominal charge for listing items on Etsy is just 20 cents per item.

How does my Etsy item listing stay on the platform?

As we have mentioned that Etsy takes 20 cents to list any items on the platform, it is worth noting that this fee is for a reason as well.

Once you have paid 20 cents to list your item on Etsy, you can have your product listed for as long as four months.

If your item does not sell for the next 4 months on Etsy, you can choose to renew your listing by paying 20 cents and re-listing your item for the next 4 months.

Does Etsy charge PayPal fees on your orders?

We know that PayPal has been the chosen platform for processing payments by most customers on Etsy. Now, we need to inform you that Etsy does charge PayPal fees for every order that gets processed.

Talking about the charges, you will also have to pay a flat fee of 30 cents per transaction processed by PayPal to Etsy along with 2.9% of the total value of the transaction.

If a customer chooses to pay via credit card, Etsy charges payment processing fees of 3% of the item’s total price as well as 25 cents per transaction.

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