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Walmart takes over Botmock Tech Assets to improve chat and voice tools

Walmart is now taking acquisition over technology assets from the conversation design company Botmock. This acquisition will help Walmart to make advancements to its own platform for conversation.

At the same time, with this acquisition, Walmart is pursuing its goal to offer non-technical teams better customer service to access all these tools. They can now work with this tool without any kind of additional coding.

“Our customers today are busier than ever, and they’re looking for simple ways to quickly connect with Walmart whenever they need us. We’re seeing one of the easiest and most natural ways for customers to do this is through voice and chat, which is why we’ve built and deployed multiple conversational experiences and have plans to introduce even more,” said SVP Core Retail Services & Emerging Technology at Walmart, Cheryl Ainoa.

With this acquisition over the Botmock, Walmart can now offer its merchants, designers good quality customer service. The other non-technical teams will also get the brilliant benefits.

The goal of Walmart is to empower the operations of business owners who are operating within the company’s ecosystem. They will get the ease in developing chat, voice, and intelligent assistant experience quite conveniently.

With its launch in 2016, Botmock has settled its headquarters in Canada, Ontario. It works with brilliant technology expertise, which has made it emerge as one of the leading solutions for companies.

It offers a simple set of tools that helps to design, test, prototype, and further deploy any kind of conversational application to multiple platforms. Now it will help Walmart.

The platform of Botmock requires no essential coding. It uses a simple drag and drop interface, which can create coding in the background with the creation of a conversation flow. This tool will offer Walmart’s users the ability to build up natural voices and a chatting interface. They will be able to deploy the functions quite quickly.

“Building seamless interactions for voice or chat is a fairly difficult design problem that requires us to consider all possible conversational flows, which depend on customers’ unique situation and needs,” Ainoa from Walmart said.

Usually, a very simple request of a customer like” add milk to cart ” takes many variables like type, size, the quantity for the action of the correct response. In the past, it used to take a huge team of engineers to make the design of a prototype.

With such complexity issues, it used to take months for deployment. However, with the technology of Botmock, Walmart is now having the ease of building and deploying the conversational experience within just a few days.


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