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Logistics FinTech Roadsync linking up Comdata’s Mobile payments with check out platform

Comdata has recently extended its partnership with a Logistics FinTech company. It is joining hands with the provider of digital logistics FinTech RoadSync. This partnership will further help in enhancing the payment making for warehouses, distribution centers, and many similar kinds of places.

This news is coming amidst a surging crisis in the supply chain. It is making things more difficult for the company to initiate shipment and payments.

While the problems are rising high for the logistic companies, Comdata has found a way out. The Fleet Cards and Comcheks of Comdata now can be used for making conjunctions with the Logistics FinTech RoadSync Checkout.

This initiative will further help in streamlining the expenses for routine business payments for the carriers and truckers. They Can now also transfer the various funds and can process payments from any place.

The Logistics FinTech RoadSync will now also enable drivers to have access in better ways for paying the maintenance and the roadside assistance. It is now also offering a capture of digital receipts.

“The industry’s extensive use of manual payment processes has been a long-standing roadblock to operational efficiency,” said Comdata President Eric Dowdell in the release. “Now, with so many shortages and delays, creating operational efficiencies with digital solutions is even more critical to the longevity and success of the logistics sector. This partnership will enable fleet service providers to close the gaps caused by external supply chain bottlenecks to save time and improve their bottom line.”

The CEO of Logistics FinTech RoadSync, Robin Gregg, said that getting a connection to the financial solutions and effect faster payment is very critical. It aids in better efficiency and improved cash flow for the companies that deal with logistics.

In September, the company RoadSync had teamed up with FYX Fleet. It has a network for assistance during roadside fleet necessities. They took the step to make things simple for payments that can get accepted in the transactions that take place for roadside assistance.

The Logistics FinTech RoadSync is working on its goal to further simplify the acceptance of payments for both the payers and the merchant. It will further help in making the transactions of roadside assistance even more lucrative.

FYX will work to offer the customers an easy way to pay directly through RoadSync. It will allow the invoices to get textured straight away to the consumer who can use any of the payment methods.

Logistics FinTech RoadSync can complete the transaction with the provider as the payment goes through. It will further make sure that the payment is speedily taking place.


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