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Walmart resorts to Doordash drivers and Uber for Speedy Delivery

The primary objective of Walmart has always been customer satisfaction. This objective also stands as a primary reason behind driving walmart’s success. However, Walmart never fails to amaze us with its creative strategies to keep its success alive. In the recent reports, it has surfaced that Walmart is partnering with uber drivers and Doordash drivers to ensure speedy deliveries of goods.

The wall street journal reports that Walmart has overcome all the obstacles entailed by the pandemic and is growing incessantly. It has paced up with its delivery services with transport services and uber to serve the customers who live in remote areas. The sale in Walmart has risen positively as a result and has become quicker than usual. This service has especially helped the senior citizens who often find traveling to supermarkets physically troubling.

Doordash drivers are pacing up along with Walmart to refurbish their image as transport services. The recent development of partnering with Walmart in delivering goods is rooted in philanthropy which has proved to be a positive step for Doordash as a whole. It has helped Doordash to retain lost customers and gain new ones, thereby resulting in an increase in its economic status. Uber claims the feedback on similar lines. While uber is the most trusted mode of transport for millennials today, it is serving its customers in different ways, such as delivering products at home.

Talking of the advantages of this partnership, however, one should not forget to skip the disadvantages. Many Doordash and uber drivers had to be trained anew on delivering the products to their customers and solicit feedback. Reportedly, customers have often received wrong products as deliveries.

Walmart is acclaimed as the world’s biggest and the smartest retailer. It never fails to bring everlasting changes by using the famous supply-chain theme. Sam Walton often talks about all the creative business ideas that are deemed as the fundamentals of business growth.


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