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US e-commerce sales see 49% jump in April thanks to online grocery

While we are all aware that the pandemic has caused a lot of damage to the countries around the world, we also know that there are some trends which we cannot ignore at all. One of these trends is that online grocery has been showing a massive upward curve. People are buying grocery online and they will continue to do so since it is not safe to go outside and buy stuff that can be delivered at the doorsteps. On the other hand, we also know that non-essentials are not being delivered right now by most companies so its sales are taking a hit.

However, there is a new report regarding the US e-commerce sales which reveals that there is a massive growth seen in this department. According to this report, the US e-commerce sales have seen 49% growth in April this year. However, it must be said that retail sales were down by the same margin so we feel that the sales have rounded off in totality. Also seen is that the sales jump in the e-commerce sector has been because of the contribution by online grocery delivery. Since the majority of the people are ordering grocery at home, this trend was likely to be seen and we now have the numbers to show as well.

This report from Adobe shows that “consumers are willing to spend on products that will help them manage the COVID-19 crisis. This includes, in large part, online grocery pickup and delivery.” Another interesting detail is that “computer prices even crept up in April, due to rising demand. Plus, sales of audio mixers, microphones, microphone cables and other audio equipment jumped 459% in April as would-be podcasters and various creatives set up their home studios”. We are also getting reports that Logitech saw serious growth in their sales due to people working from home.

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