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PepsiCo launches two new websites for online sales during COVID-19


We have seen that every other company has had to make adjustments to how it makes sales of its products and no company, either big or small, has been kept out of this. Now, one area that we have not focused on much is the food department and especially the packaged food department such as chips manufacturers and cold-drink suppliers. The biggest name in this industry is PepsiCo which runs multiple brands of selling snacks as well as beverages and we also know that most people like to buy them as well.

On the other hand, the lockdown situation and the virus outbreak has meant that people were stocking up on things and snacks come first on the list of these items. So it is known that the sales were drastically up during that time period. But now that everyone is inside and quarantined, their sales have gone down and limited to only those who have gone out to buy things. This means that Pepsico has also had to think out of the box and they have started delivering snacks and products from their lineup online.

According to the report, Pepsico has also bought two domains namely Snacks.com and PantryShop.com in order to make online sales during this time. The statement from Pepsico also claims that “Snacks.com will feature more than 100 Frito-Lay products, while PantryShop.com will offer meal kit-esque bundles of snacks — think Gatorade and Sun Chips. As FastCompany reports, items purchased on these new websites “should arrive within two business days,”

As per a new report studying the impact on sales due to the virus, it was observed that Pepsico’s sales went up 10% higher due to panic buying and people stocking up on things but it has gone down since then so this move from the company seems obvious as well.