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Top Five Ways to Bridge the Gap Between Online and Offline Retail Sales

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Top Five Ways to Bridge the Gap Between Online and Offline Retail Sales

Over the years, ecommerce experts have come to realize that there needs to be an adequate balance between online and offline retail. Most customers source for products online, getting all the information they need before proceeding to pick it up at your offline store. This might necessitate an identical standard of goods in both offline and online stores. In this episode of Digital Icons, founder of Hero®, Adam Levene discusses all you need to know about bridging the gap between online and offline retail sales.

Adam Levene

Founder , Hero

About Adam Levene

Adam is the entrepreneur and creative force behind HERO®️, the company he founded in 2015 aged 26. With a vision to accelerate the digital reinvention of physical retail; in just three years the company has grown to a team of 50 across NYC and London, and has forged global partnerships with Nike, Adidas, LVMH, Gap Inc and Levi’s among others. Before founding HERO®️, Adam grew Europe’s largest mobile commerce business from start-up through to exit as Chief Strategy Officer and board member. With a team of 200 designers, strategists and engineers, Grapple created apps and services for Virgin, Visa, Santander, FIFA and Formula E among others. The multi-award-winning company was acquired by a fintech plc after just four years for a total consideration of $90m. Adam has given keynotes on the theme of the future of commerce at Web Summit, NRF Big Show, PSFK and Shoptalk, and in 2019 was recognized by Forbes as one of five people ‘turning tired old industries on their heads’. Adam was a former contributor to WIRED on the subject of design and entrepreneurship.

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Alf Alferez
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