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Top 5 Customer Experience Platforms for e-commerce

If you’ve been in the eCommerce space long enough, you’d know that offering great products to your customers is only half the battle. Yes, having a killer product definitely increases your chances of making it up there, but in order to create a thriving business that reaps rewards manifold, you need to invest in something more. 

We’re talking about a sure-shot way to retain, engage, and attract customers! No prizes for guessing, but customer experience is the missing piece to this vexing puzzle. So much, in fact, delivering an overall valuable experience to your customers will propel your eCommerce business to never-before heights. 

Now, the next pertinent question would be how does one achieve this feat? Well, that’s why we have compiled a list of the top 5 customer experience platforms for e-commerce. Without further ado, let’s dive right in. 


SurveySparrow is an experience management platform that will help you roll out conversational surveys and power up your omnichannel engagement across all your CX touch points. The platform is much loved for enhancing customer interaction, optimizing customer acquisition, improving retention, and boosting loyalty by understanding their preferences and delivering results. 

With this tool, you can turn surveys into interesting conversations and use them as an opportunity to inspect how you’re doing, take necessary steps to stay in touch with your customers, and elevate your CX program even further. 

With their out-of-the-box NPS module, turn your customers into promoters for your eCommerce business and, in turn, acquire new customers. The sentiment analysis from such surveys can also help you identify the context and mood of a respondent based on the survey responses. 

Their case management feature deserves a huge shoutout. With this support ticket system, you can raise, organize, prioritize, and resolve tickets as and when they come. You can channel these responses to collaborate with team members for faster resolution and effectively closing the feedback loop. 

Pricing: The trial version is absolutely free( No credit card required). The basic plan starts at just $19/month.


If you’re looking to gain a holistic view of your customers’ experiences and create an impact, Qualtrics’ predictive intelligence and analytics will come in handy. With a trailblazing AI, this platform makes it incredibly easy to proactively mine for opportunities and make improvements wherever it is required. 

With a simple drag and drop interface, you can create highly intuitive surveys and share them via emails, SMS, and more.  Once the responses are clocked in, you get to create market segments and map out a bird’s eye view of the customer journey. To help you secure the collected data, the platform packs tons of security features, including enterprise-grade security and data access controls. 

What’s more, Qualtrics offers 16 system-level integrations with tools like Tableau, Jira, Pendo, etc, making it easier to simplify workflows and collaborate with your team to improve customer experience. With its NPS tool, you can identify unhappy customers and segment them based on their loyalty. 

Pricing: On request


Yet another powerful tool for understanding and managing your customer journey, Medallia is for any eCommerce business owner who wants to invest in customer service management to level up their CX. Primarily known for its AI-powered platform, it can help discover the ‘why’ behind every data collected. It can help you uncover customer and employee sentiments, make a note of recurring themes, and gauge customer satisfaction with ease.

To put things into perspective, the platform primarily captures feedback and then converts collected feedback into actionable information that you can use to drive change across the organization.  

The AI technology incorporated into the platform pulls up recommendations based on exhaustive learning and retrieves actionable suggestions. Furthermore, the risk scoring technique recognizes high-risk customers while explaining what’s driving this pattern.

Pricing: Custom. Contact to get a quote 


If you want to grow your eCommerce business through continuous customer feedback, AskNicely would be a great pick. A cloud-based online feedback tool, this platform has some pretty good offerings, such as Net Promoter Score, CSAT, and CES solutions that can aid in stellar reputation management. 

You can use AskNicely to create customized surveys, and collect real-time feedback via SMS, email, or web responses. Some of its other key features include real-time leaderboards and dashboards, automated survey responses with one-click integration, text analytics, data filtering, and time-based charting. 

It can be integrated into an existing CRM or used with another support program.

Pricing: Contact to get a quote.


What makes this survey platform one of the best for eCommerce is its emphasis on capturing and compiling all forms of customer feedback to gather an encyclopedic view of their experience across multiple touchpoints. 

Their VOC (Voice of the Customer) solution would help you understand your customers’ pulse, lay open blind spots you may have missed, and help you gather a holistic view of the efficacy of your CX program. 

Thanks to the AI’s proactive feedback, discern how your customers truly feel about you, reduce churn and increase retention. Close the feedback loop with contextual surveys that are hyper-personalized. With this platform, you can also effectively visualize your customer data, gather valuable insights with text analytics, and collaborate with your team to resolve issues. 

Pricing: Custom pricing

Wrapping up 

At a time when e-commerce shopping is dominating the retail landscape, there has never been a better time to get your customer experience program up and running. Thanks to experience management platforms such as these, the task of managing the exchange between your business and customers is made easier than ever.  

That said, it’s worthwhile to know that no one tool fits all businesses alike. What works for many others may not necessarily work for you. So, it is crucial to sit down and take a moment to reflect on your unique needs and the pain points you’re trying to overcome. 

It may take you a couple of trial and error to finally figure out which platform works best for you, so don’t hesitate to explore and be all hands-on.  We hope this blog post gave you some insight into the best possible options in the market and narrowed down your search. 

Alf Alferez
Alf Alferez
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