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Digital solutions, the best way to solve industry problems

There are many suppliers of digital solutions. They aim to simplify manual processes. With this, they can tackle other problems as well. They also want to develop solutions for other industries. The industries are agriculture, chemical, and trucking industries.

Gary Loh is the CEO of DiMuto. He launched his company in 2019. The goal was to solve the main hurdles of the Agriculture industry. It is one of the most difficult industries to digitize because of its workforce.

The company offers a B2B marketplace. It includes services like management and finance. They are focussing on fruits and vegetables only as of now.

In this modern world, payments are faster than Usain Bolt. But sometimes, supply chains report payment friction. For example, during a fintech event, many officials stressed reordering the supply chain.

David Haase is the President of ChemDirect. The company works with the logistics, credit, and inventory of specialty chemicals. It is purely online-based. The president said that when you shop for chemicals, you want to know the entire cost. This is our forte.

Businesses all around the globe are working on increasing supplier diversity. This is a post-pandemic phenomenon. This makes sure that businesses are strong enough during disruptions.

BMO teams up with Xero to give users more freedom. The freedom gives the user’s financial dealings a more streamlined approach. In addition, there is the ability to do automatic transactions. This saves time and effort.

Instacart promises same-day delivery on huge items. The items mainly include furniture and electronics. Also, Inxeption collaborated with Dahdoul Textiles. They want to digitize the supply chain. This is a major move considering the freight management system.

Digital solutions can help revolutionize these industries. The solutions are efficient, fast, and simple to follow. With the advent of technological prowess, anyone can enjoy the benefits. These solutions must be available everywhere.


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