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Local payments behind Oriflame’s success

Marcus Fogel is the senior director of global digital services at Oriflame Cosmetics. Oriflame is a social selling company, as per Fogel. 60 countries use its products sold by 3 million independent sellers. 98% of transactions are online. Local payments boosted this a lot.

Oriflame’s model of working is different from others. First, the firm gives its sellers a 21-day credit window. Within this time frame, the seller should sell and collect the payments. After this, they can take their commission and give the remaining to the company.

Mario Shiliashki is the CEO of PayU. They have partnered with Oriflame for the payment system. As a result, the business went from no online system to a 40% online system. Shiliashki says that they have made available every possible method of payment. This gives users a sense of freedom and a good experience.

Oriflame’s success comes down to their approach on the ground. They use local languages, local currency, and local payments options. This helps the firm a lot. They also provide local delivery options. This is very relevant when it comes to the user’s expectations and experience.

Fogel believes that PayU helps them a lot with payment options. The system integrates all the methods on a single platform. They also ensure that all methods are running. This is a complicated task to do. But both companies have a great understanding of these terms.

PayU CEO says that it is very difficult to operate locally. On top of that, using local payments options adds oil to the fire. But he says that their firm simplifies that. He points out that there are several payment methods.

One locality can have a payment method. But it doesn’t mean that all localities will have the same payment method. This applies to countries as well. He mentioned that it’s their job to determine and integrate the local payments methods.


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