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B2B platforms raise funding to launch products and expand business

All giant companies are today adding a B2B section to their business models. This ensures a larger purchase size and a relationship-driven sales process. Eventually, the sales cycle becomes long, and brand identity is less emphasized. Nigeria’s Duplo, Germany’s Topi, and India’s Soptle announce new funding to support their B2B platforms. Besides, TradeLens proposes to offer Europe’s first electronic bill of lading transactions. Moreover, Freshly adds a B2B section to deliver ready-to-eat meals for businesses.

Companies are raising huge funds to expand their business space. For example, the Nigerian company Duplo was a digital payment company. Eventually, the company expanded into the lending business. And today, Duplo raised 4.3 Million in seed funding. The company plans to launch new products and expand multifold.

In a similar attempt, Berlin-based FinTech Topi raised $45 Million for its platform. This was its second investment round. The company has a unique business model. It helps retailers to rent computers, monitors, smartphones, etc., on a subscription basis. The one-of-its-kind business model scaled in no time after getting launched in the market.

The third B2B company, Soptle, networks between FMCG manufacturers, distributors, and retailers. The company focuses on a model to build India’s largest distribution Saas platform.

The company raised high funding. It will help them grow their team, improve product capabilities and expand networks.

Roberto Bucci is a shipping company in Italy. The company selects TradeLens for Europe’s first electronic bill of lading (eBL) trading. TradeLens plans to fully digitize and streamline the bill of lading process. The focus is also on eliminating friction and reducing costs.

The New York-based meal delivery company Freshly is advancing its pre-existing model. The company plans on adding B2B platforms. It proposes to provide meals to organizations that further supply it to a third party. The company plans on covering all businesses that supply meals to their staff.

Trovata is a leading FinTech company. The company partners with Banco Santander. Santander will market and refer Trovata’s cash management platform to its clients.

Simple and easy payments, security, and a solution-oriented mindset are key factors. Companies consider these factors while choosing a partner for cross-border B2B payments. The main reason is the geographical barrier.


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